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Hey welcome to my site on the wiki, on this page I will describe all my contributions to Ubuntu, nice to meet you.

About Me

My name is Lina Castro, I am a software developer with specialization in mobile application development, I am a Linux enthusiast but mostly Ubuntu, I am always helping and contributing to the community in Colombia, my country of origin, I am currently the leader of the Ubuntu Colombia community and I am a member of the Council of the same.

In 2019 I was part of the Flisol Bogota, the largest free software festival in Colombia and Latin America, where thousands of people attended the different open source technology talks that were taking place on April 25, since Due to the pandemic this was carried out virtually.

I am currently working as a teacher at Platzi, a technology company well known throughout Latin America, where they teach programming topics & also servers (such as Ubuntu servers) and where I continuously promote and disseminate the use of technologies and free software for the entire community.

Contact Information


Lina Castro


Colombia, Cali






Website Telegram Twitter


1. Leader UbuntuColombia (Member Council Ubuntu) I am a Leader of the Ubuntu community in Colombia, with 1 year of leadership. and with two projects in which we maintain so far: -Website: -Podcast: -Facebook: -Twitter: These two projects how Website and Podcast have been the most viewed by the community in general with: 76% in men and 14% in women. what makes the community in women and men has grown throughout this year, in addition to the fact that the visibility of women in the community from last year to this year has been very pleasant since we even have women who launch to make a podcast talking about some free topic, either free software or free technologies.

So far on the Ubuntu Colombia Facebook page we have +8000 followers on twitter +5000 and in the podcast more than +2200 reproductions (this barely restarted 8 months ago). Link Launchpad: Wiki Ubuntu: Council:

2. FLisol Bogota 2020 (Speaker) In this year's Bogota Flisol, which will be held virtual, I will be giving a programming workshop for the little ones. Website

3. Flisol Bogota (Organizer) The Flisol (free software festival) It is one of the most important festivals around the world to share knowledge, promote and spread the use and technologies of free software with more than 5000 attendees a year. Ubuntu Colombia has been organizing the event since 2005 and I have been since 2019 2005 YEAR 2019 YEAR 2020 YEAR

4. Podcast Ubuntu Colombia since 2019. We have one of the best known projects in our community, which is the podcast where people from both Colombia and others around the world have participated in our podcast talking about free technologies and free software for all those people who like to listen to the news through audios. we currently have: number of listeners: geographical location of listeners:

5. MYSQL TUTORIAL (FREE ONLINE COURSE) Online course about MYSQL for dummies:

How to create a database with Phpmyadmin from Lubuntu. Create tables. create fields, data and Primary keys. How to create relational database. Practices with a document that has SQL Consults exercises Recommendations. video:

6.Introduction to Ionic In my blog, I created an entry explaining introduction about Ionic and Angular (installation, download tools,and basic commands). Link:

7. notes about ubuntu on my website:,

8. Contributions to Ubuntu Touch I have been contributing in development of Ubuntu touch applications (both giving talks and creating repositories with resources so that people who are interested in contributing about the s.o can review my documentation and start developing under progressive web applications.

9. Talks: ,,, Gitlab:

10. groups and channels that I manage from Linux on telegram: Canals: @UbuntuEs

Future Goals

My future goals is to continue contributing to the Ubuntu community not only in my country, but around the world, in addition to continuing to contribute a little more to the ubuntu touch project by developing web applications or teaching people how to be able to develop in it.

continue with my podcast, which in my country has been a hit in different communities & collaborate with Flisol not only in my country but in all countries where it can be done.

and continue to contribute a grain of sand to open source and the promotion and dissemination of free technologies and free software around the world.


Hi there Ubuntu Community! I testified!!! Lina is an amazing member and her role in Ubuntu Colombia has been amazing for improving the community and even with several events around the globe during this difficult year. As a current ubuntu member and former part of the ubuntu communities, I strongly recommend her for the Ubuntu Membership in order to get her profile stronger and keep helping others. SergioMeneses

Lina Castro, She is a very active person, a free software enthusiast, and passionate about Linux, she has generated very important contributions to the community and to the dissemination of Ubuntu in Colombia. Jhosman Lizarazo

Lina is a new member of the colombian Ubuntu family who has supported several projects (organizational, talks) from her city, Cali. She`s been working very actively on the Podcast, which now became regular for Ubuntu user not only in Colombia but also others LatAm countries. Alexander Bejarano

The arrival of Lina has made a difference in the Ubuntu Colombia community not only because of her enthusiasm and passion for Linux or her technical support for new users but also because of the great initiatives and projects she has executed, the podcast is one of the most outstanding, the opportunity to communicate information about Ubuntu, GNU/Linux and computing in general to the whole world supported by experts in some specific topics has strengthened the connection of the community with the environment in general, making many more users interested in Ubuntu. Cristhian Echeverry

I am very happy that Lina arrived to our LoCo, she came with new energy, ideas and empowerment, and bring a new fresh air to the LoCo. One of the projects that she's been leading is the Ubuntu Colombia Podcast, which has been a great success. I think that she will lead the next generation of our community and why not, she will impact in Latam, and in the participation of women in tech worldwide. Lina Porras

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