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I am Marten de Vries, on the internet also known as 'commandoline'. I'm a Ubuntu user since 2007, although I had prior Linux experience with Knoppix. I'm a member of the Ubuntu Nederland LoCo team. Also, I'm a Ubuntu Member since January 2012. My hobbies are, next to the computer stuff described below, playing the baritone horn and (digital) photography.

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In short: I've been active in the Ubuntu NL community, and in two of its teams: the webteam and the Mwanzo team. I've also been chair and member of Ubuntu NL's community board, and its LoCo Contact.

  • Forum and IRC support since +-2008 (on the Ubuntu NL forum and IRC channels)
  • Active in the Mwanzo team since 2010, the Mwanzo team is kind of a combination of the international beginners team and the international classroom project, but then oriented at Dutch speaking Ubuntu users.
    • I gave a Python workshop there consisting about 13 sessions of about one hour. (Including one non-IRC session over a live video stream). Link (Dutch).

    • I'm one of the developers of Just For Learning, a Lernid-like web application the Mwanzo team developed and started using recently for their online workshops.

  • Attended two Ubuntu Frysl├ón meetings, the first was a Ubuntu Jam, the other was a loco team meeting.
    • I co-organized the second one of them (November 2011).
  • Re-started the Ubuntu NL web team in May 2011, which maintains the content of the main website of Ubuntu NL and the Ubuntu NL community blog ('prikbord', Dutch).

  • Wrote a web application that converts logs of the Dutch IRC meeting bot (MwanzoBot) to MoinMoin wiki syntax (the wiki the Dutch community uses) in January 2012. Link:

  • Wrote (the initial) JustForLearning wiki page in January 2012.

  • Did some stuff in the process of launching the new Ubuntu NL website.
  • Did a workshop on HTML for the Mwanzo team in May 2012.

  • Wrote the Code of Conduct Signing Assistant after being asked at IRC two times at the same day to guide someone through the process. The tool is currently in the Ubuntu repositories.

  • Mostly passively attended a few online UDS sessions.
  • Member of the community board of Ubuntu NL since April, 2013, which has monthly IRC meetings. Part of that (since elections around October 2014) as chair, until the end of 2015.

  • Given a workshop PyQt4 for Mwanzo in May 2013

  • LoCo Contact for Ubuntu NL since July 2013.

  • Some minor other things, like translating a few strings on Launchpad filing one or two bug reports, and sending in a wallpaper candidate for Oneiric.

I'm also one of the core developers of the open source program OpenTeacher since June 2009. Next to that, I've worked on OpenGameDesigner from January 2012 until somewhere in 2013 and started Python-PouchDB in August 2013.

Future Goals

Continue being active in Ubuntu NL and keeping my other open source projects alive - as long as there's interest in them at least. I don't see myself expanding to other terrains currently, but that may change when I stumble upon something new. And keep doing the things I already do keeps me occupied plenty. Smile :)


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

As a fellow programmer and community member for Ubuntu NL, I've got to know Marten as a reliable, sensible person with a heart for everything he does. His current work on the Just For Learning project shows his dedication, and when we did a series of Pythonworkshops last year, he proved himself an excellent programmer and a valuable source for the community. In my opinion, he deserves it more than anyone to become an Ubuntu Member! - Stefan de Vries

I know Martin as a hard working, reliable and nice person to work with. With an awesome series of 13 workshops about the basics of Python programming he showed his knowledge of python and teaching people. He's also the main developer of Just For Learning, a webbased tool for giving and attending lessons, based on IRC. With all his work for Ubuntu and his fine attitude, he deserves to be an Ubuntu Member! - ronnie.vd.c

I met commandoline one day when he came into IRC freenode #ubuntu-motu looking for some help packaging Openteacher for Ubuntu. After looking into the Openteacher project and finding it a piece of software that would be beneficial to myself and other Ubuntu users I decided to give a hand and get Openteacher into Debian and Ubuntu. After introducing myself on Openteacher's IRC channel, commandoline offered up a packaging branch of Openteacher which provided a very good base to start the packaging effort. With the efforts of commandoline and myself Openteacher is now in Debian-Wheezy, Ubuntu Precise, and a backport to Oneiric is also available. From my point of view commandoline has a basic understanding of how Debian/Ubuntu packaging works, and a very good understanding on how launchpad works for project management, code hosting and bug management. Along with he is one of the lead developers on the Openteacher project. Although commandolines packaging skills are not quite to the point where he is ready to apply for MOTU (yet), I believe that with more experience in triaging and fixing bugs, becoming more aware of Ubuntu policies and procedures commandoline has the potential to become a MOTU if he so desires. With that said I support commandoline's application for Ubuntu membership. - Charlie Smotherman Ubuntu MOTU Developer

Marten de Vries is a nice and pleasant person to work with. He is a dev on several projects, including JFL, a which makes it easier to give workshops in Dutch for our LoCo. He made several great contributions. One was a series of Python workshops. It was great to see how he managed to get a group of Python "followers", and made them stay focused on the workshops for many lessons. And lets not forget his contributions for Openteacher. I strongly support his application for Ubuntu membership.- leoquant

Marten de Vries, or commandoline, is a name that everyone active in the Dutch LoCo knows. He is active in the Mwanzo project where he gave 13! Python workshops. Furthermore he is active in developing tools that are used by the Community. In my function in the LoCo leadership I was really happy to hear that Marten recently volunteered to revive the Ubuntu-NL webteam that takes responsibility for our main website. Marten has a friendly personality and his history shows that he is really good at working together with other community members. I wholeheartedly endorse Martens application for Ubuntu membership. Smile :) Thomas de Graaff

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