About me

My name is Marcelo Gutiérrez. I was born in Managua,Nicaragua, on july 26th 1984. I'm a Computer Engineer who loves FLOSS, I use Xubuntu and I know C, Python, Php, VB x), Prolog and Assembler.

Contact Information

What about Ubuntu?

I barely used 8.04, I really started using Xubuntu since 8.10 and began contributing to the community in April 2009.

My history inside the community || According to launchpad

Joined https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ni in 2008-09-24, became Miembros oficiales del Grupo Ubuntu Nicaragua since 2009-06-25 and was made Admin of Red de Grupos Locales Ubuntu en Centroamérica that very same day, 4 days later joined Ubuntu Latinoamérica, made Admin of Concejo Comunitario Ubuntu Nicaragua since 2010-05-30 and recently became Ubuntu Nicaragua Masters of the Web since 2011-03-23

Behind the mic || My lectures

My UBUNTU Life || Things worth mentioning <3

My work outside the Ubuntu community <3

My Plans for the Ubuntu Comunity


Still working in my info x)


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