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My name is Marcelo Gutiérrez. I was born in Managua,Nicaragua, on july 26th 1984. I'm a Computer Engineer who loves FLOSS, I use Xubuntu and I know C, Python, Php, VB x), Prolog and Assembler.

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What about Ubuntu?

I barely used 8.04, I really started using Xubuntu since 8.10 and began contributing to the community in April 2009.

My history inside the community || According to launchpad

Joined in 2008-09-24, became Miembros oficiales del Grupo Ubuntu Nicaragua since 2009-06-25 and was made Admin of Red de Grupos Locales Ubuntu en Centroamérica that very same day, 4 days later joined Ubuntu Latinoamérica, made Admin of Concejo Comunitario Ubuntu Nicaragua since 2010-05-30 and recently became Ubuntu Nicaragua Masters of the Web since 2011-03-23

Behind the mic || My lectures

My UBUNTU Life || Things worth mentioning <3

My work outside the Ubuntu community <3

My Plans for the Ubuntu Comunity


  • Sus aportes han sido valiosos para la comunidad y ha demostrado determinación y empeño en su labor. -JorSol

  • Nicaraguan community has played a really important role on Central American integration. Thanks to Marcelo and the rest, some big projects with a huge impact were possible. I fully support his membership; and I know that, with his help, Ubuntu will grow even more in Central America. - elopio

  • Marcelo has worked hard for the promotion of the FLOSS ideas. He's always talking and helping about Ubuntu and free software to new people. YaderV Fedora Ambassador/Package maintainer and Sugar activity developer.

  • Marcelo has taken a lot of responsibilities within the Nicaraguan Ubuntu community and worked hard to organize great events, giving continuity to community's activities in general. He is always active on mailing lists, helping people, giving support and helping the community grow. xamanu

  • Marcelo is an action person. He does not engage in long talks about what has to be done, he just get things done. He has been in every single one of all the facets of the Nicraguan Ubuntu community for the last two or three years. From making sure there are disc to organizing events, he is doing something at everything. nacross
  • If you ask for volunteers at the Community, for sure Marcelo will come up and raise his hand. It was for FLISOL 2009 I saw him for the first time working hard for the community. He has shown great dedication and commitment at the nicaraguan Ubuntu Community. He's well known inside and outside Ubuntu's community for he's always participating and contributing where is needed. In a few words, you can always count on him. joe74

  • I met Marcelo back in 2009 at ECSL, and I know that he has been working actively in his community, now he is even helping with the organization of DebConf on Nicaragua. He is of great value to the community! di3gopa

  • When you say 'ubuntu ninja' you immediately think of Marcelo. He is one of the greatest assets of this community, has been truly involved in all aspects of the community since his first day. Marcelo is not afraid of the hard work or taking on new challenges (in fact, if he lived in Soviet Russia, hard work would be afraid of Marcelo!) Big Grin :) - leogg - member of the Ubuntu LoCo Council

  • Marcelo is a very important piece of ubuntu-ni engine. He is involved in every aspect of the community, right now I think he is the most active member in our LoCo team. Josernesto - Ubuntu Member

  • Marcelo is a element piece in Ubuntu Nicaragua. For their ability, it's like a rook or knight in the Chess Smile :) - DexterNica - CC member - Sorry for my bad English. XD

  • Marcelo knows what it means to be radical, in the use of free software. I had never seen in my life someone who devoted so much love for Ubuntu. In fact, once told me a dream he had with Xubuntu. Wink ;) Nomada

Still working in my info x)


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