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About Me

Mi name is Leo Arias. I'm a Computer Engineer from Costa Rica (UTC-6). I work with the snapcraft team at Canonical. I'm a member of the JáquerEspeis.

My involvement in the community

I've been an Ubuntu user since 2007, Ubuntu member since July 2011 and I've been working full time in Ubuntu since August 2011. I contribute promoting, installing and giving support, organizing events, translating, helping with bugs and testing, writing code for snapcraft and maintaining snap packages in the store.

Ubuntu has opened many many doors to me. I want to make sure that everybody can benefit from all these opportunities that Ubuntu presents. Our community needs to be welcoming for the people who have been traditionally excluded. We need to encourage them to take ownership of their technology, to participate in its development, and we need to help them adapting it to their specific daily uses. If we pay attention to this huge diversity that surrounds us we can make a better ecosystem, sustainable freedom for everybody.

Samples of my work with the community

Cheers from the community

Holi. -- elopio 2017-08-30 16:51:06

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Support for the Ubuntu membership application, July 2011

  • I met elopio at ECSL 2009 and i have seen how valuable he has been for the community of Central America and Costa Rica, He is a good guy, he should be accepted as a member :D! -- Diego Tejera ubuntu-pa

  • I met elopio in 2009. Costa Rica has a great Leader in him, he is very active and has great ideas and as a true Ubuntero always share his ideas. He should be accepted as a member mmgc84.

  • Leo is a great person. He lives collaboration every day and is always up to do good work for free Software. He has a very warm and calm personality combined with the right principles and willingness of giving. He is open minded and active in every corner of free Software (especially Ubuntu) in Costa Rica. IMHO he would be a great Ubuntu member. xamanu ubuntu-ni

  • I also met Leo for the first time at ECSL 2009 when he was the brave soul who took over the ubuntu-cr team. His contributions to the community are much appreciated and extremely valuable. He is a great leader with a great vision for both the local and the international community. He would definitely be a great Ubuntu member. - leogg - member of the Ubuntu LoCo Council

  • No sé si se buen lugar para preguntar esto, pero si usted participa activamente en la traducción a Esperanto, ¿podría ayudar con el caso de las traducciones a Idolinguo? El único traductor y única persona con derechos de traducción es ilocalizable y me gustaría continuar su trabajo, pero los permisos no me lo permiten. De ser así, apoyo su candidatura. - Carlos Solís (csolisr)

    Este no es buen lugar, porque yo no puedo hacer nada :). Tenés que contactar y exponer el problema al equipo de traducciones, como indican aquí: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Contact#Mailing_lists Y si no hay una solución, llevar el problema al Community Council - elopio

Support for the Community Council application, September 2017

  • I've worked with Leo for a few years now, and if there's anything I've taken away from that experience, it's that he truly cares about Ubuntu and its community. He goes above and beyond to help new users and developers contribute, and has a passion for making that process easier. His combination of technical know-how and a helpful, humble personality would make him a wonderful addition to the Community Council. -- kyrofa 2017-08-31 15:01:26

  • It is clear Leo is passionate about Ubuntu and the Community and over the years he has proven that extensively. His work driving quality and testing of Ubuntu through bug days and bug initiatives has improved several projects tremendously and his work on advocacy has brought whole new communities into the fold. Leo is always happy to help support users in RocketChat and IRC and this enthusiasm coupled with his technical background ensures he is almost always able to help. Leo would make a great member of the Community Council. -- JamieBennett


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