Like nearly everyone I'd like to know what others think about my work. So if you have worked with me I would appreciate a comment on how good (or even bad) our Co-Operation has been.

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Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership


I work with NRWlion on the Ubuntu Leadership Team. He is enthusiastic and great fun to collaborate with. He knows a lot about the topic, and is willing to explain and share. He is patient and kind, yet energetic, which is very handy when working across languages and cultures. I have seen him collaborate and contribute with a number of different efforts on the team, and his contributions are consistently smart and capable. He is a collaborator able to move the discussion forward and help plan the next steps. He has been a welcome addition to this team.

-- Cheesehead 2011-10-14 18:41:32


I've been working with NRWLion on SII and he's a great contributor. He is very helpful and would be a great addition to the Ubuntu Beginners Team. Jens also gives great feedback and tells his opinion about certain decisions. It goes without saying that I'm recommending him for UBT membership and probably later, Ubuntu Membership. Daniel0108 2011-10-11 12:07:15


NRWLion is enthusiastic in his willingness to learn and share his knowledge with the community. He is not afraid to jump into a project and figure out where his help is needed and openly shares his opinions and view points freely. He always seeks feedback and looks for ways to improve a process, project or team. I believe NRWLion would make a strong impact on the Beginners Team.

-- akgraner 2011-10-07 17:09:49


NRWLion is always willing to assist the community and is eager to get involved in projects that benefit the community. He shares his thoughts and opinions with tact and honesty. He has demonstrated initiative to get things done. I believe that NRWLion and the beginners team would be a good fit.

-- cprofitt 2011-10-07 17:09:49

NRWlion is a fantastic example of what a community member should be like: determined, caring, friendly and focused. He is someone I am proud to call my friend. I have seen first hand his willingness to help others on IRC with the beginners team. He has also demonstrated initiative by contacting (and getting involved with) other teams, again showing his willingness to help others. I have heard nothing but praise from others about him.

Please consider his application to the beginners team favourably. We need more like him in the team. 2011-10-05 18:26:00


Honesty. Passion. Dedication. Willingness. Key attributes that add a lot of value to any endeavor. These 4 words are the best way I can think to describe NRWlion in the months I have gotten to know him and see him in action via IRC.

Seeing the purpose of the UBT, it makes absolute sense to me why Jens should be made part of this team. He will add value from the get-go (as he has already in various ways, working with the news team, leadership etc.) and in time as he grows within the team the contributions and value he will bring will only increase exponentially.

Jens, all the best with your application and good luck with all your endeavors!

nlsthzn 2011-10-04 19:19:00

Dante Ashton

NRWlion has, through the time I've known him, remained professional, polite and always able to do tasks to the best of his ability. I have no doubts he will serve any team he joins well. His knowledge, companionship, support and experience has helped build and shape my team to a level it could of never achieved on it's own. To this end, I declare NRWlion is worth his weight in gold.

Should any individual have the good fortune to meet NRWlion; know this; he is kind, hearty and diligent. No matter the work, he will perform it to the best of his ability, and enjoy himself and lighten up the team whilst doing so. A true treasure for any team, I am quite humbled by his approach to his work.

When people think of open-source, they think of developers, coders, etc etc. But they never think of people like NRWlion; without whom any project is doomed to fail through lack of management.

DanteAshton 2011-05-24 22:53:00


NRWLion (Jens) is an amazing contributer. I am proud to call him a friend and see his work on teams. His willingness to help across various teams and pass on his expertise and assistance to them shows to me that he oozes the spirit of ubuntu out of his pores. Having such a fantastic and rare guy as a resource for those teams, to help them formulate the horrors of mission statements, liasing and preparing press releases that show those teams along with the ubuntu and FOSS family in good light is fantastic. He is greatly valued by the teams he assists on. I have no hesitation in recommending him for ubuntu beginners team membership, and in due course full ubuntu membership. I ask that you look upon his application favourably.

Jens, you are a star and make a positive difference to those teams you are involved with. Thanks for your time and effort on what is an 'un-sung' but vital area. phillw 2011-05-24 21:30:30

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