My name is Chris Brotherton and I am research scientist living in Albuquerque,NM.

I first started using Linux back in 2000 after getting bored with windows. At first, I used slackware (didn't everyone) and then moved on to Red Hat. In the year 2002, I got serious about Linux and stopped using windows. At that point, I had found Debian. Currently, I use both Kubuntu and Debian.

My hobbies include Linux, hiking, homebrewing, video games, traveling and reading.

Contact Info

Name: Chris Brotherton
IRC Nick: protonchris or protoncb(only used when the IRC server software limits the number of characters in a nick)
IRC Networks: Freenode and sometimes Undernet
Freenode IRC Channels I Lurk In:

  • #ubuntu-us-nm
  • #ubuntu-us
  • #ubuntu-mythtv

Location: Albuquerque, NM
GPG Key:

My Current Activities

Previous Activities

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