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Kristóf Kiszel

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TODO list

  • Translating Kubuntu system documentation
  • Testing Kubuntu Natty ISOs

About Me

I was born in 1990, I live in Szolnok. I use Ubuntu since Gutsy, but I switched to Kubuntu after several months. I am student at the University of Szeged, I learn compute science and engineering.


László Torma: Ulysses is a great contributor to the Hungarian Ubuntu Community. He is active in many areas like localization, documentation and at the events. He took Kubuntu under his arms, which was somewhat abandoned in Hungary before his arrival. Despite his young age, he is very responsible in his work. I fully support his membership.

István Nyitrai: Kristof aka ulysses is a very important member of the Hungarian Ubuntu Community. He really likes Kubuntu and only he has the endurance for translating the official Kubuntu Documentation and he made a very great job! I fully support his membership. He is one of our new generation!

Gabor Kelemen: Ulysses is a very motivated person, who already did remarkable efforts on the translation field. I support his membership in the hope that he will keep up his job.

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