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Lima, PerĂº



About Me

I'm Michael Garrido (aka Xander21c). I live in Lima - Peru

Ubuntu user since Dapper. After Ubuntu get on my life I learned a lot of open source from technical to social issues.

My formation was as technician. I have basic knowledge of programing.

Ubuntu Contributions

LoCO Team: Ubuntu Peru

I have been very active in my LoCO Team since I started using Ubuntu, among may responsibilities to the team are:

  • Website co-administrator (redact articles, moderated the forum, help users).
  • Mail list moderator.

  • Helping new users at ubuntu-pe.org forums, irc and mail list (help as best as i can but also give more source of information in order to expand my fellow linux users knowledge).

  • Advocacy.
  • Ubuntu Peru t-shirts

  • Material Printing (I am responsible to print, guard and take to the events the banner)

  • Ubuntu Peru(Order and check the confection of ubuntu peru customize t-shirt)

Event Planing and Participation

Among my responsabilities Event planning and Participation in order cominities events is one of my favorites, because you face lots of people looking to get involve and learn.

  • October 30th 2007 - Install Party Lima The First Event of the LoCO Team - As general coordinator

  • November 10th 2007 - FESOLI Event organize by the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University in Lima, I participate as expositor and hold and stand with other ubuntu volunteers where we were invade with a lot of people, see the pictures.

  • November 24th 2007 - 4 Horas de Software libre Event organize by the Ricardo Palmas University, I gave a Talk and asist with other volunteers in the install fest, around 15 laptop installed.

  • Dicember 15th 2007 Festival UNACINUX Event Organize by the Callao University, I gave a talk and with other volunteers demonstrated Ubuntu.

  • March 2008 - [ Workshop]

    San Marcos University invited me to direct a Ubuntu: Install and Configure workshop directed to teachers split in two Saturdays(see the slides 1 2.)

  • May 3rd 2008 - Hardy Release Party General Event Planner - I presented Hardy to a public that included a wide rage of people (teachers, students, entrepreneurs, fellow linux users, etc). We had talks about ubuntu Hardy development, Java and Ubuntu, Drupal and ubuntu, etc...

Launchpad : Translations

The complete list of my translations

Upcoming Events


  • Implement Workshops and Talks for Retail Vendors.
  • Implement On-Line Talks so many people across my country can assist.
  • Start my MOTU contribution.
  • Help with bugs and merge for the next Ubuntu releases.
  • Learn PHP.
  • Learn Python.
  • Keep organizing ubuntu events.

Not necessary in that order Smile :)


  • Xander21c has been very involved with the Peruvian LoCo Team since its starts. It is thanks to him that we have had such participation in many events as well as our own events, since he is the one who organizes them. He is the one in charge of Organizing the Events for the Peruvian LoCo Team and managing the Peruvian Resources. He also is a great contributor giving support on the Peruvian Ubuntu Forums, in the IRC Channel #ubuntu-pe, and administering the Mailing List with me. RoAkSoAx

  • Xander21c has been doing a great job in the Peruvian LoCo Team as website co-administrator, giving support on the ubuntu-pe forums, irc channel and mailinglist, planning and participating in events representing to Ubuntu PerĂº. He has a high spirit of collaboration, he is definitely an outstanding candidate for becoming an Ubuntu Member. -- DanteDiaz

  • Michael is doing an amazing work on the Peruvian LoCo team, he's the person in charge of the events and i have no complainings about his job, he always surprise us with more work and ideas. It's definitely +1 from me. Nxvl


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