The Ubuntu 64-Bit Team is a group of 64-Bit and 32-Bit Linux users; we are based on Launchpad and Ubuntu Forums. We help to test and develop 64-Bit software, help with 64-Bit user problems and also keep up-to-date information regarding 64-Bit and general Linux news.

Who is this group for

This group is for people of all technical abilities, anyone who uses or is interested in some flavour of 64-Bit technology, whether it's Ubuntu, Debian or any other distribution. Take a look at our Mission Statement for a more detailed account of our group activities and purpose.

The process to become a member is not a long one; simply follow the instructions below:


If you currently run 64-bit Ubuntu or have ever used a 64-Bit operating system, or maybe are a 32-Bit user currently and you are interested in or plan to upgrade to 64-Bit eventually then you are eligible to join the group. Joining the team is a great method to deepen your knowledge and involvement within the Ubuntu community.

The process of becoming a member:

Need Advice?

If you need help with a certain issue as we all do sometimes, you have the following options:

The IRC option maybe more suitable if you need immediate advice and would like to speak in real time.


Below is a list of projects the 64-Bit team have currently in development:

Visit the Projects page for up-to-date information and previous works.


If you would like to join the group on IRC feel free to do so; we offer help with all 64-Bit & Linux issues. General IRC information can be found here.

If you have an issue please post your questions in the main channel and wait for help from one of the members. There is no need to private-message members or wait before you post the problem.

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IRC Channel Bots

There are various IRC bots to add extra functionality to the channel. The current channel bots are:

Please register with Skynet to activate your IRC membership. To register just send Skynet a message saying "Hello" and Skynet will do the rest.

Some of the bots do provide similar features so it's up to you which you prefer to use. They all have their benefits. More information is available at our IRC user guide.

Contact Details

You can contact the group a number of ways;

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