April 13th, 2010, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from April 6th, 2010

  • GrueMaster and plars to continue to keep working with crimsun on ARM PulseAudio

  • asac to upload libplist with -marm
  • asac and dmart to get firefox rendering issue upstreamed
  • ericm, plars, NCommander to investigate uboot-mkimage breakage and offline dove installation
  • NCommander and plars to work together to reinitialize plars's NAND flash on his X0
  • ericm to drop X0 enablement into karmic-proposed
  • NCommander to coordinate with lamont on determining if OOo build failure is HW specific
  • persia and NCommander to test and improve server image experience

Standing Items

Meeting Outcome

Action Items

  • dyfet to check update-manager sanity checks for ARM upgrades.
  • GrueMaster to send a list of bugs that need attention to asac.

  • JamieBennett to add StartupNofify support to webservice-office-zoho.

  • asac to work with roc on the firefox scrollbar issue.
  • NCommander to investigate gphoto FTBFS.
  • asac to discuss the buildd situation with lamont.


  • GrueMaster reported that the recent sound issues, that were initial thought to be caused by a pulse audio issue, were actually cause by libspeex. He also noted that it had now been fixed.

  • asac mentioned that the libplist issue had disappeared after new build hardware was introduced, meaning that this was a hardware issue.
  • asac also reported that he had worked with dmart on the firefox scrolling issue. They had sent something to upstream but so far had heard nothing back.
  • The recent problems with Open Office that NCommander hoped were a hardware build failure, turned out not to be. Issues are caused in software but no more progress was made.
  • Testing of beta-2 was complete and plars and GrueMaster reported that bugs were being found and testing continues.

  • Talked moved to upgrade testing. As the archive is now built with ARMv7 instead of karmic's ARMv6, some checking is needed to ensure that its sane to upgrade from an existing installation. dyfet took the action to check to see that the update installer code has sane checks.
  • JamieBennett reported that webservice-office-zoho was in the images and that desktop-webmail should join it soon. ogra suggested to add a startup notification to webservice-office-zoho to show that it is doing something when launching the browser, JamieBennett committed to adding that.

  • The 150 minute output timeout on the buildd's was talked about and the team discussed ways around it including increasing the timeout and changing packages to output more frequently. Nothing was concluded.
  • The build queue and lack of buildd's continue to plaque the teams efforts. Over 200 packages were in the queue at the time of the meeting and some buildd's were failing.
  • rbelem reported that Ubuntu Liquid was on track for Lucid+1.

Weekly Reports

Michael Casadevall (NCommander)

This Week

  • Dove acceleration enablement continues
  • OOo FTBFS debugging and workaround investigation
  • libgphoto2 FTBFS fix

Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett)

This Week

  • More webservice-office work thanks to testers finding bugs.
  • More research for future projects.
  • FTBFS triage.
  • Image testing.


  • More of the same.

Paul Larson (plars)

This Week

  • testing on bsp update for dove - bug #551491
  • Karmic SRU testing:
    • 507416 - CONFIG_NEON=y causes platform lockups with certain application/platform combinations
    • network throughput one?
  • Rebuilt the omap image with a new kernel I got from amitk, we now have an image that boots to the UNE desktop on omap!
  • experimenting on autotest framework


  • More testing, triaging, etc

Meeting Log

[14:00] <NCommander> #startmeeting
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[14:00] <NCommander> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100413
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[14:01] <asac> hi
[14:01] <NCommander> hi
[14:01] <ian_brasil> hey
[14:01] <JamieBennett> moo
[14:01] <asac> JamieBennett: ogra: StevenK: dyfet: GrueMaster: persia: ping
[14:01] <asac> :)
[14:01] <ogra> mooo
[14:01] <asac> i surely forgot someone
[14:01] <persia> You forgot *heaps* of folk
[14:01] <ogra> you forgot plars
[14:01]  * GrueMaster drags a large coffee mug into the room.
[14:01] <persia> and ian_brasil
[14:01] <persia> and rbelem
[14:02] <JamieBennett> and dmart :)
[14:02] <NCommander> [topic] Action Items from April 6th, 2010
[14:02] <MootBot> New Topic:  Action Items from April 6th, 2010
[14:02] <dmart> hi
[14:02] <JamieBennett> ;)
[14:02] <NCommander> [topic] GrueMaster and plars to continue to keep working with crimsun on ARM PulseAudi
[14:02] <MootBot> New Topic:  GrueMaster and plars to continue to keep working with crimsun on ARM PulseAudi
[14:02] <GrueMaster> Fixed.
[14:02] <JamieBennett> \o/
[14:03] <plars> hi
[14:03] <NCommander> [topic] asac to upload libplist with -marm
[14:03] <MootBot> New Topic:  asac to upload libplist with -marm
[14:03] <GrueMaster> It turned out to be libspeex.  I had thought the patch from NCommander had made it into the build, but upon digging deeper, I found it hadn't.
[14:04] <asac> done
[14:04] <asac> actually wasnt needed
[14:04] <plars> good work NCommander and GrueMaster on that bug btw
[14:04] <asac> it worked after replacing the builders with good hardware
[14:04] <asac> ack ... thanks NCommander and GrueMaster
[14:04] <NCommander> [topic] asac and dmart to get firefox rendering issue upstreamed
[14:04] <MootBot> New Topic:  asac and dmart to get firefox rendering issue upstreamed
[14:04] <GrueMaster> No applause please, just buy us beer.  :P
[14:05] <asac> we upstreamed, but have no input so far
[14:05] <asac> will do a debugging session with roc as a last resort
[14:05] <NCommander> [topic] ericm, plars, NCommander to investigate uboot-mkimage breakage and offline dove installation
[14:05] <MootBot> New Topic:  ericm, plars, NCommander to investigate uboot-mkimage breakage and offline dove installation
[14:05] <dmart> ok
[14:05] <NCommander> no progress from me, plars, anything for you?
[14:05] <plars> no
[14:06] <ogra> whats broken ?
[14:06] <NCommander> c/o
[14:06] <ogra> uboot-mkimage is totally generic
[14:06] <NCommander> ogra: offline installation
[14:06] <NCommander> ogra: but its unconfirmed if its broken
[14:07] <plars> right, we need to check that first
[14:07] <ogra> but why is uboot-mkimage involved here ?
[14:07] <ogra> the package only contains a single file
[14:07] <dmart> Does someone have a bug link?
[14:07] <ogra> (the mkimage binary)
[14:07] <NCommander> ogra: its installed by flash-kernel-installer into the squashfs
[14:07] <NCommander> long story
[14:07] <NCommander> on why its like that
[14:08]  * ogra could imagine flash-kernel being broken but still doesnt get why uboot-mkimage is at fault
[14:08] <NCommander> ogra: because if it isn't on the CD, apt-get will try to download it from the wbe and cause offline installation to fail
[14:09] <ogra> well, then its either a seed or a dependency issue :)
[14:09] <NCommander> [topic] NCommander and plars to work together to reinitialize plars's NAND flash on his X0
[14:09] <MootBot> New Topic:  NCommander and plars to work together to reinitialize plars's NAND flash on his X0
[14:09] <plars> we didn't get to that this week
[14:09] <NCommander> no progress
[14:09] <plars> but it wasn't urgent at all
[14:10] <persia> Which version of mtd-utils were you using?
[14:10] <plars> and I know NCommander has been pretty swamped :)
[14:10] <NCommander> no ericm so skipping his action item
[14:10] <NCommander> persia: his board been throwing NAND errors in the kernel log, I was going ot have him reset it in u-boot
[14:10] <persia> Oh.  That can be done from the OS as well.
[14:10] <persia> plars: Catch me later in the week if NCommander is busy, and I'll see if I can help.
[14:11] <plars> ok
[14:11] <NCommander> persia: there is some uniqueness on how NAND is done on Marvell which means I think it should be done in flash
[14:11] <NCommander> er
[14:11] <NCommander> in u-boot
[14:11] <persia> OK.
[14:11] <NCommander> [topic] NCommander to coordinate with lamont on determining if OOo build failure is HW specific
[14:11] <MootBot> New Topic:  NCommander to coordinate with lamont on determining if OOo build failure is HW specific
[14:11] <NCommander> Happened, Didn't Help :-/
[14:11] <NCommander> [topic] persia and NCommander to test and improve server image experience
[14:11] <MootBot> New Topic:  persia and NCommander to test and improve server image experience
[14:11] <NCommander> c/o unfortnately
[14:11] <persia> No point.
[14:12] <NCommander> [topic] Standing Items
[14:12] <persia> We'll be in deep freeze by the next meeting.
[14:12] <MootBot> New Topic:  Standing Items
[14:12] <NCommander> [topic] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
[14:12] <MootBot> New Topic:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
[14:12] <NCommander> This is it folks
[14:12] <JamieBennett> doesn't look too bad
[14:12] <NCommander> nope
[14:13] <NCommander> Skipping kernel status since no ericm or coolney
[14:13] <NCommander> er
[14:13] <NCommander> wait
[14:13] <ogra> hmm
[14:13] <NCommander> and no amitk
[14:13] <NCommander> [topic] QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
[14:13] <asac> i think workitems wise we are well set
[14:13] <MootBot> New Topic:  QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
[14:13] <ogra> i would have liked an update about the regulator issues oon imx51
[14:13] <asac> ogra: do we have the patch yet?
[14:13] <ogra> asac, since a week or so
[14:13] <asac> e.g. the missing piece?
[14:13] <plars> Beta 2 iso testing completed
[14:13] <asac> ok
[14:14] <ogra> the new BSP went into the public GIT
[14:14] <asac> ogra: as a SRU?
[14:14] <ogra> and is supposed to have the fix
[14:14] <plars> I'll update the pairwise stuff
[14:14] <plars> probably today
[14:14] <ogra> the beagle kernel looks quite sane now at least for the C4
[14:14] <GrueMaster> I'm finding a lot of bugs testing various apps.    ~11 this last week.
[14:14] <plars> also something we need to get on this week is upgrade testing
[14:14] <plars> I plan to do upgrade testing on at least imx51 this week
[14:15] <asac> we dont have hardy ;) ... so just karmic-lucid upgrades i guess
[14:15] <plars> right
[14:15] <plars> just karmic-lucid
[14:15] <asac> do we acutally support the hardware we supported in karmic still?
[14:15] <plars> yay
[14:15] <ogra> and we're not an LTS :)
[14:15] <plars> ogra: that too :)
[14:15] <NCommander> heh
[14:15] <ogra> asac, on babbage we did support b3
[14:15] <asac> i mean ... afaik karmic was armv6 ... now we are armv7. do we need to do something about that?
[14:15] <ogra> not on dove though
[14:15] <asac> e.g. preventing upgrades?
[14:16] <ogra> there is code i added to u-m
[14:16] <NCommander> asac: already have a sanity check in there as far as I know
[14:16] <asac> ok
[14:16] <ogra> that might need an enhancement
[14:16] <NCommander> ogra: ah, i was wondering who added that, thanks
[14:16] <asac> NCommander: what does that santiy check do?
[14:16] <asac> i guess we need to tweak/adjust that for karmic-lucid?
[14:16] <NCommander> asac: checks for ARMv{6|7} on upgrade from jaunty-> karmic -> lucid
[14:16] <ogra> asac, checking for ARMv5 in cpuinfo
[14:16] <NCommander> Don't remember if it was updated for ARMv7/Thumb2
[14:16] <ogra> and blocks if you are v5
[14:16] <asac> so is that just working right now? i guess it needs some love?
[14:16] <asac> who can take that actiuon?
[14:17] <ogra> it was only for nslu2 installs
[14:17]  * NCommander can't
[14:17]  * ogra would love to but wont have time
[14:17] <asac> who added that ?
[14:17] <ogra> me
[14:17] <asac> where is that check implemented?
[14:17] <ogra> update-manager
[14:17] <NCommander> asac: UpdateManagerQuirks
[14:17] <ogra> right
[14:17] <asac> ok ...
[14:17] <ogra> just look for ARM
[14:17] <asac> dyfet: are you there?
[14:17] <ogra> its the only code adding that
[14:17] <asac> dyfet: could you take the action to check if the update-manager tweaks are fine?
[14:18] <NCommander> [action] dyfet to check update-manager sanity checks for ARM upgrades
[14:18] <mvo> asac: if you change strings now people will get unhappy …
[14:18] <MootBot> ACTION received:  dyfet to check update-manager sanity checks for ARM upgrades
[14:18] <asac> mvo: hmm
[14:18] <mvo> but the check is definitely there
[14:18] <asac> mvo: what strings?
[14:18] <ogra> mvo, we'll only change the check
[14:18] <NCommander> mvo: asac we can probably use the same error message
[14:18] <asac> yeah
[14:18] <asac> hopefully
[14:18] <ogra> its babbles about v5 though
[14:18] <mvo> ok, iirc it mentions the arm version
[14:18] <asac> what does the current string read?
[14:18] <NCommander> anynthing else on QA?
[14:18] <plars> that's it from me
[14:18] <asac> thanks
[14:19] <ogra> tomorrows beagle images should be testable, please test
[14:19] <plars> yes!
[14:19] <asac> GrueMaster: any bugs you want to discuss that came out of your tests?
[14:19] <ogra> with more focus on d-i than on live
[14:19] <asac> or are those "general/low prio" bugs that dont need special attention?
[14:19] <ogra> live is very slow and not a fun thing to install
[14:19] <GrueMaster> Like I mentioned earlier, I found 11 new bugs this last week.
[14:19] <plars> and many thanks to ogra for plowing forward on the TI stuff and finding new things before they were really testable in the images
[14:19] <ogra> plars, i'm not done yet
[14:19] <GrueMaster> Yesterday, I found a critical bug with f-spot.
[14:20] <plars> ogra: heh, no doubt :)
[14:20] <ogra> and many thanks to plars for covering me while i was at a customer :)
[14:20] <plars> GrueMaster: are these all looking to be arm specific?
[14:20] <GrueMaster> Yes
[14:20] <ogra> f-spot ?
[14:20] <ogra> what broke ?
[14:20] <plars> GrueMaster: I have seen the f-spot one, but I don't think I've noticed subscriptions on the others, do you have a list?
[14:20] <GrueMaster> Bug 561874
[14:20] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 561874 in f-spot "NULL Reference exception in F-Spot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/561874
[14:20] <GrueMaster> I'm working on a list.
[14:21] <asac> GrueMaster: ok thanks.
[14:21]  * ogra hasnt seen any of them in his bugmail
[14:21] <asac> [ACTION] gruemaster to assemble list of bugs that might need attention still ;)a
[14:21] <GrueMaster> I also sent a list early last week to ogra and asac of bugs that needed attention.
[14:21] <asac> GrueMaster: right. that was great
[14:21] <ogra> GrueMaster, are they all subscribed to ubuntu-armel ?
[14:21] <asac> just thought if there is anything new/else ;)
[14:21] <GrueMaster> I'm working on making sure they are subscribed.
[14:22]  * ogra wonders why they didnt end up in his bugmail folder
[14:22] <ogra> ah
[14:22] <ogra> ok
[14:22] <GrueMaster> asac: There are a lot of new bugs.  Will email later today.
[14:22] <asac> GrueMaster: ok. maybe we can send that list to ubuntu-mobile?
[14:22] <asac> l.u.c?
[14:22] <asac> i can take a quick look before sending there if you want me to filter
[14:23] <asac> moving on?
[14:23] <NCommander> [topic] #
[14:23] <MootBot> New Topic:  #
[14:23] <NCommander> ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
[14:23] <NCommander> uh
[14:23] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
[14:23] <MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
[14:23] <asac> hehe
[14:23] <JamieBennett> webservice-office-zoho is in the images and seems to work (apart from a last minute hiccup late yesterday that is now fixed), webmail integration has had its MIR approved ready for inclusion. Not much else to report.
[14:24] <ogra> the .desktop file should really get a StartupNotify=Ture
[14:24] <ogra> *True
[14:24] <JamieBennett> ogra: I can do that today if we really need it
[14:24] <ogra> its a bit irritating that you dont get any notification
[14:25] <ogra> i just get dumped back to the favorites page
[14:25] <ogra> at least on beagle
[14:25] <asac> desktop-webmail is in archive and will get on image tomorrow ;)
[14:25] <ogra> asac, is there any progress on the scrollbar issue ?
[14:25] <JamieBennett> ogra: OK, I'll add that and kick asac to reupload it later :)
[14:25] <asac> with that we are fine and happy
[14:25] <ogra> it shows up quite heavily in the weboffice stuff
[14:25] <asac> ogra: i commented that above, didnt i?
[14:25]  * ogra missed it 
[14:26] <asac> ogra: so the stuff is upstreamed. but not much traction
[14:26] <ogra> meh
[14:26] <asac> ogra: i will go and debug this with "roc" ... who offered
[14:26] <asac> his help
[14:26] <ogra> ah, that was that, yeah, i saw that passing by :)
[14:26] <ogra> sorry for not paying enough attention
[14:26] <asac> roc is the layout superguru on mozilla ;)
[14:26]  * ogra trioes to do 7 things at once
[14:26] <asac> hehe
[14:26] <asac> no problem
[14:26] <asac> so yeah. i really hope i get a lead on that
[14:27] <asac> i see that its annoying
[14:27] <ogra> especially if we promote weboffice ... its quite prominent in the docs
[14:28] <asac> ok
[14:28] <asac> *nods*
[14:28] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
[14:28] <MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
[14:28] <NCommander> OOo is broken again, I think we just need to upload -marm and hope for the  best
[14:28] <NCommander> theres not enough time to properly test any fix before final freeze
[14:29] <ogra> what happened to gphoto ?
[14:29] <ogra> i saw it vanished from the list, did someone actually fix it ?
[14:29] <NCommander> ogra: libgphoto?
[14:29] <persia> DIdn't didrocks say it wasn't in shape for lucid?
[14:29] <NCommander> I hit retry onit, but didn't follow up on it
[14:30] <ogra> NCommander, ah
[14:30] <ogra> so i probably looked when it was building
[14:30] <ogra> its timing out
[14:30] <asac> i gave back gphoto
[14:30] <asac> i dont think it succeeded
[14:30] <ogra> i didnt find any example code to get around it, else i would have fixed it yesterday
[14:30] <asac> ogra: whats the problem?
[14:30] <ogra> asac, iot needs some pinger mechanism to keep the shell active
[14:31] <ogra> the buildd times out if there is no output for 150min
[14:31] <asac> ogra: hmm. you say the logg pipe times out?
[14:31] <asac> interesting
[14:31] <asac> and 150min is normal here?
[14:31] <NCommander> ogra: that needs lamont to change the sbuild time out
[14:31] <asac> that feels too long even on arm ;)
[14:31] <ogra> i know we have other packages that added something to debian/rules to generate some noise every 60min
[14:31] <NCommander> asac: 150m is default
[14:31] <NCommander> ogra: it builds locally?
[14:31] <persia> We havea  script that keeps builds active, but it can mean builds running for weeks if they really hang.
[14:31] <asac> well. i mean: a package that doesnt spit out stuff for 150min is not broken? feels like there is a bug
[14:31] <ogra> NCommander, no, that should be fixed in the package and we have other packages that use a hack
[14:32] <ogra> asac, no, there are plenty packages that build -dbg packages with lzma which is very slow on arm
[14:32] <NCommander> ogra: having the script make noise is a bad idea
[14:32] <NCommander> ogra: too easy to hang in inifinite loop
[14:32] <NCommander> we had that issue wtih sparc a lot
[14:32] <ogra> NCommander, thats what others have done
[14:33] <NCommander> the right method is to extend the delay
[14:33] <ogra> and what we promoted during karmic iirc
[14:33] <NCommander> ogra: thats what you done, I've had lamont fix the ones I found
[14:33] <ogra> i havent done anything
[14:33] <ogra> NCommander, can you take care then for gphoto ?
[14:33] <NCommander> ogra: the right solution is to extend the timeout in the prename place for it in the build system, not hack up makefiles and deviate from debian
[14:33] <NCommander> ogra: if I have time OOo is my priority
[14:34] <ogra> NCommander, well, its a give-.back and can happen after final freeze
[14:34] <NCommander> fair enough
[14:34] <NCommander> I'll look at it when I'm done with OOo
[14:34] <ogra> you just seem to know a proper solution :)
[14:34] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)
[14:34] <MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)
[14:34] <ogra> did you talk to the likewise guys ?
[14:34] <ogra> so they apply the patch properly ?
[14:35] <NCommander> ogra: no, I haven't finished refixing the patch inbetween OOo builds
[14:35] <ogra> hmm, gphoto didnt come back omn the ftbfs page yet
[14:36] <ogra> when did you give it back ?
[14:36] <ogra> ah, its pending
[14:36] <NCommander> ogra: I don't remember if I did
[14:36] <asac> i gave it back iirc
[14:36] <ogra> someone said he did ... asac
[14:36] <asac> but more than a day ago
[14:36] <asac> but no build score boost powers ;)
[14:36] <ogra> yeah, its waiting for free buildd time
[14:37] <ogra> the builders are pretty stuck with long term packages atm
[14:37] <persia> Given the size of the queue, it may be best to wait a day or so to let it settle.
[14:37] <ogra> 207 packages
[14:37] <ogra> and still a ton of haskell building :/
[14:38] <NCommander> uvh
[14:38] <NCommander> *ugh
[14:38] <ogra> and openjdk
[14:38] <persia> And more haskell to go once those build.
[14:38] <NCommander> just ping me if we need rescores
[14:38] <ogra> and kdelibs
[14:38] <ogra> we need more builders
[14:38] <NCommander> On image status, where are we?
[14:38] <ogra> its an impact of having lost two
[14:38] <NCommander> ogra: we need a lot of things :-/
[14:38] <ogra> we only have 6 instead of 8
[14:39] <asac> whats the problem with the builders?
[14:39] <persia> asac: 20 hours behind.
[14:39] <asac> also   3335557  [building]  Building armel build of haskell-json 0.4.3-3 in ubuntu lucid RELEASE
[14:39] <asac> is DEAD
[14:39] <ogra> asac, no idea, we need to ask lamont ... when he replaced machines itz seems he only replaced 6 but not 8
[14:39] <asac> its building since 6 days
[14:39] <asac> hanging at Setting up ghc6-doc (6.12.1-12) ...
[14:39] <asac> i think that machine just hard crashed
[14:40] <asac> so i assume we only have 4
[14:40] <asac> builders --- if we are happy
[14:40] <NCommander> asac: LP will time it out if it did after buildd-queue fails to talk to it
[14:40] <asac> NCommander: not in this case it seems
[14:40] <NCommander> asac: machine must not be completley dead
[14:40] <ogra> it should have timed out after 150min ... as discussed above :)
[14:40] <asac> yes thats what i think
[14:40] <asac> ok /me goes #is
[14:41] <JamieBennett> someone needs to take an action to talk to lamont about the builder situation
[14:41] <ogra> ++
[14:41] <NCommander> ogra: persia image status?
[14:41] <ogra> NCommander, fine
[14:41] <NCommander> good
[14:41] <dmart> I guess we need to push that --- running out of builders between freeze and release is a risk
[14:41] <ogra> begale will be better tomorrow but not yet perfect
[14:41] <NCommander> [topic] Any Other Business
[14:41] <MootBot> New Topic:  Any Other Business
[14:41] <ogra> the others are ok as usual
[14:41] <ian_brasil> speaking earleir of kdelibs, we are participating in a discussion with upstream to provide some KDE_PLATFORM_PROFILEs that can enable fine grained switches to change things during the kdelibs build. Based on this patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/413636/
[14:42] <ian_brasil> comments welcome
[14:42] <ogra> dmart, we'll care for it ...
[14:42] <dmart> sure
[14:42] <plars> did we miss kernel status updates?
[14:43] <JamieBennett> not kernel guys here
[14:43] <persia> plars: No kernel folk showed up.
[14:43] <plars> oh, I see
[14:43] <ogra> ian_brasil, so will that mean that we get three packages instead of one ?
[14:43] <rbelem> ian_brasil, we have some other patches to to the build system
[14:43] <ogra> seems to me that we want all thee flavours in the archive for different tasks
[14:43] <ogra> which scares me since that means three build runs
[14:43] <ogra> tripling the build time
[14:44] <persia> ian_brasil: I'm a little worried about the implications of that in terms of way in which we compile stuff.  I'm a fan of finer-grained pacakging, but we only get one compile run that has to serve all of desktop/tablet/mobile (or else we have to run through the compoile three times, which takes three times as long, as annoys the mirror providers).
[14:44] <rbelem> ogra, yep... i do not agree with that patch
[14:45] <ian_brasil> rbelem, +1
[14:45] <rbelem> i will finish the patches and send to the list
[14:45] <asac> rbelem: ian_brasil: unrelated question: is liquid moving forward for lucid+1? do you need a UDS slot?
[14:46] <rbelem> that patch is about splitting the kdebase workspace
[14:46] <rbelem> asac, yep
[14:46] <rbelem> asac, i think we will need some space for discussions
[14:46] <persia> rbelem: Do we need a slot just for liquid, or do we need a couple specs in collaboration with the Kubuntu folk (I thought the latter)?
[14:46] <ian_brasil> asac, rbelem will be there and some talk aboput issues like this would be useful
[14:47] <asac> rbelem: cool. i will get in touch with you after meeting/later today
[14:47] <rbelem> persia, collaboration with kubuntu guys is totally needed
[14:48] <asac> same topic for EVERYONE: if you have specs you want to register feel free to poke me ... we are going to review the whole ubuntu arm spec list at least twice this week, so getting good sessions is appreciated ;
[14:48] <rbelem> asac, sweet
[14:48] <persia> rbelem: Let's chat after the meeting and get ideas in order, and then propose some specs to fit with their schedule.
[14:48] <NCommander> anyone mind if I close out the meeting?
[14:48] <asac> NCommander: please submit spec proposals ;) ... and yes. i think we are done
[14:48] <NCommander> #endmeeting

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