Documentation Tests

Most of the content on this page was taken from Gnome Testing.

  • Test ASCII text documentation with a screen-reader to confirm that it is clear and precise and can be read by assistive technologies.
  • Test HTML applications using a web browser and screen-reader to confirm that the documentation is accessible to assistive technologies.
  • If using a preset color combination, confirm it passes Color and Contrast Tests.

  • Confirm the fonts adjustable using Ctrl+(-) and Ctrl+(+) when using the web-browser.
  • Confirm the text resizes and remains fully readable if the font size is increased to 16pt and 24pt.

Note: There are web accessibility guidelines available at

Confirm the following information is included in the documentation:

  • State if the application does not support the standard keyboard access used by the OS.
  • Identify if there are unique keyboard commands.
    • Are standard shortcuts usable?
  • Identify any unique accessibility features.
  • If an action is documented for the mouse, make sure there is an alternative for using the keyboard.


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