The Ubuntu Accomplishments system provides a simple, cohesive way to browse different opportunities in the Ubuntu community and beyond, find out how to participate and accomplish them, and see different accomplishments in one place.


Browse a Library of Opportunities

Read Step-By-Step Instructions

Find What You Need...Fast

A wealth of different opportunities are available in the community and on your computer that you can explore.

For each opportunity read step-by-step instructions of how to participate, complete with tips and tricks, pitfalls, and useful reading and support resources.

Opportunities can be filtered by category and sub-categories to find the right kind of opportunities that interest you.

Discover Accomplishments Automatically

Deep Desktop Integration

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Accomplishments in the community and on your computer are automatic; displaying notification bubbles to indicate when you have accomplished something new.

Ubuntu Accomplishments integrates into your Ubuntu desktop with quicklists, hi-res icons, and a Unity dash lens to access your trophies and opportunities right away.

Your trophy collection is easily accessible inside the My Trophies pane, and ready to show to your friends and family.

INSTALL UBUNTU ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Go and install Ubuntu Accomplishments by clicking here!

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