Welcome and thankyou for taking an interest in creating an accomplishment!

Fortunately, creating accomplishments is simple! All you need to know is a little Python, and there are plenty of other accomplishments you can use to help you learn how to create your own. If you want to contribute accomplishments but are stuck for ideas, see the ideas page!

We provide a range of different pieces of documentation and help for getting started. This include:

  • Tutorial - a complete tutorial for all to create an accomplishment from start to finish, and how to contribute accomplishments to official Ubuntu accomplishments sets.

  • Suitability Guidelines - some guidelines on what we consider to be good accomplishments, as opposed to accomplishments that can be easily gamed.

  • Glossary - a guide to the different terminology used in the project.

Help and Support

If you need help, the following resources are available:

  • Join the mailing list - we have an active email discussion list and you are welcome to join and post questions.

  • IRC Channel - we have the #ubuntu-accomplishments channel on the freenode IRC network.

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