Accomplishment Collections

The Ubuntu Accomplishemnt system is not limited to Ubuntu-related trophies. It's fully extensive, and you can easily install addidional collections of accomplishments depending on your interest. If you are not using Ubuntu, or if you are not interested in it, you are free to remove the two default collections and substitute them with whatevet you like.

Other communities are also very welcome to create an awarding system sutable to their needs. You are all welcome to add them to this list!

Ubuntu Community Accomplishments

This is the main official collection managed by Ubuntu Accomplishments developers. It represents activities, skills and achievements one can earn for participating in Ubuntu community. It's a very large collection, and it's being very activelly developed. Most accomplishments provide a step-by-step instructions on how to achieve them, as well as tips for newcommers.

Example trophies include:

  • Register on Launchpad
  • Become an Ubuntu Member
  • Report a bug in Ubuntu
  • Contribute a Juju charm
  • Get a 'Legandary' bagde on AskUbuntu

  • Have a conversation on Ubuntu IRC channels

This collection is available in Accomplishments PPAs. Therefore, to install it simply use:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-community-accomplishments

Ubuntu Desktop Accomplishments

Desktop Accomplishments represent activieties done by an Ubuntu user locally. It also provides documentation that helps to complete challenged set by thopry trophy opportunities. This is the second official collection maintained by Ubuntu Accomplishment developers.

Examples include:

  • Import some music to your music player
  • Create a LibreOffice document

  • Win a Sudoku game on Hard difficulty
  • Install Ubuntu on a Nexus 7
  • Change your wallpaper

This collection is available in Accomplishments PPAs. Therefore, to install it simply use:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dekstop-accomplishments

FitBit Accomplishments

FitBit is a small device that counts your steps and motivates you to be more active, in order to keep fit. It's online system can award you badges for your activities. This collection, developed by Matt Fisher and Chris Wayne, integrates these badges with Ubuntu Accomplishments system.

Examples inculde:

  • Climb 25 floors during one day.
  • Walk 100 miles in your lifetime
  • Walk 40000 steps daily

To install it, use:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fitbit-accomplishment-maintainers/daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install account-plugin-fitbit ubuntu-fitbit-accomplishments

You will also need to add your FitBit account to Online Accounts in your system. Details can be found in Chris Wayne's article.

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