Who am I


  • Name: Alessio Treglia

  • Nickname: quadrispro

  • Age: 30

  • City: London

  • IRC nicknames:

    • quadrispro on Freenode

    • alessio on OFTC

I am a Debian Developer since the 31st of May 2010. Presently I live in London and work as Senior Systems Engineer at Hitachi Data Systems. I am an ubuntero and a member of Ubuntu since May 27th, 2008.

My works in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Community Activities:

In the Italian LocoTeam:

My works in Debian

I am a Debian Developer since June 2010, here is a list of packages that I maintain for both Debian and Ubuntu.

This section is WIP

On June I became Debian Developer, here is my DD portfolio.

  • Number of packages uploaded to Maverick (till now): >> 300

  • Number of sponsored uploads (Maverick): ~30

Usually, I work on Python applications/modules and audio&video production packages, in particular I focus my attention on sound synthesis and processing tools such as synthesizers (bristol, alsa modular, ams, ...), filters, samplers, editors (avidemux, lives, snd, etc), audio/MIDI sequencing and transcoding stuff (transcode, dvdrip, devede, dvd95, transmageddon, arista and more).

I take care of several multimedia related packages and tasks (various libs and tools related to JACK, LADSPA, DSSI and LV2), here is a list of the packages that I maintain for both Debian and Ubuntu:

Moreover, I collaborate with the UbuntuStudio team to provide a rich and reliable LV2 layer to Maverick.

As Ubuntu Developer I maintain the following packages which are available only in Ubuntu, too:

  1. aften
  2. avidemux
  3. bombono-dvd
  4. divxenc
  5. dvd95
  6. dvdrip
  7. dvdrip-queue
  8. dvdwizard
  9. event-execflow
  10. gnome-format
  11. h264enc
  12. installation-report-generator
  13. mandvd
  14. mp3fs
  15. tablet-encode
  16. uck
  17. videoporama
  18. xcfa
  19. xvidenc

I also take care of non-multimedia specific packages, such as simple-scan, mozplugger, libMTP, font-manager, python-gudev and much more.

Contact me

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

  • I would like to sponsor Alessio for his membership, he is a very hard worker and a good translator. His work on the Italian wiki is invaluable. -- Milo 2007-11-28 16:38:46 Milo

  • Alessio is extremely active on the Documentation Team, he is member of the official Italian Translator Team and member of Italian Wiki Staff. -- PalmaSalvatore 2007-11-28 17:41:36

  • Alessio is a great volounteer that spends most of his time patrolling our wiki in search of pages that need to be updated. -- GabrielePostorino 2007-12-10 11:57:36

  • Alessio is a great admin of the Italian wiki, he is behind many aspect of our wiki and also a great translator, a very active member -- Daniel Schwitzgebel 2023-09-30 18:58:14

  • Alessio is one of our great Ubuntu-it Wiki administrators. He did a great job so far by reviewing documentation contributions and to adjust them to be a valid source for our users to improve their overall Ubuntu experience. He really deserves to be a Ubuntu Member -- LucaFalavigna

  • Alessio did a great job in the Ubuntu-it Wiki especially in code various macro in python to improve italian community documentation and simplify the work in the wiki pages. It also a good translator for the Italian Translator Team. -- MaurizioMoriconi 2023-09-30 18:58:14







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