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Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Team - The Hottest LoCo on Earth

Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Server Team
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Ubuntu-Arizona Members
== Ubuntu-Arizona Members ==
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DeLUG Member
== DeLUG Members ==
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= Photos =  = Photos =



This is the Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Server Team. The purpose of this team is for people who are interested in Linux server technologies, from set up to managing, to be able to learn and participate in a project that will not only help each member learn more about Linux/Servers but it will also help the Ubuntu-Arizona team to develop.

This team is a co-op project that's being shared with the Phoenix, AZ DeLUG (DeVry Linux Users Group). DeLUG has donated the first server that we have to test and the Ubuntu-Arizona Server team will be joining with DeLUG interested members in carrying the project forward.

Contact and Member Information

Ubuntu-Arizona Members

DeLUG Members

  • Huertanix
  • Iz3m0


Our mission is to be able to use Linux server technologies from which we can learn and implement in order to help ourselves and the Ubuntu-Arizona team, as well as bring unity amongst the AZ Linux community.


  • To define the team and its purpose
  • To get the server working
  • To install Ubuntu

Collaboration Focuses

We will be combining efforts with the DeLUG group in order to better achieve our mission and goals.


  • Replace bad power supply
  • Mount on hosting rack
  • Install Ubuntu 7.04 Server
  • Create rules and guidelines for installing/modifying

Meetings Summary

05-07-07 - attachment:server-project.odp (presentation by DX00) - In the meeting we briefly discussed what the project will be and where we are going to start. We started looking at the different options we have and what direction we are going to take. At the moment we only have suggestions but we will better define/map those latter on. For the moment, we decided where we are going to start; the decision was to first replace the bad power supply, get the server mounted at the hosting place and install Ubuntu Server 7.04 and set up ssh.


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