The purposes of this team are to set up and maintain the team servers, to provide an educational experience to people who are interested in Linux server technologies (from set up to maintaining and managing), and to provide projects that will not only help them learn more about Linux servers but will also assist the Ubuntu-Arizona Local Community Team to develop.

Current Server Set-up

Team Server: Supports the Team website and any Arizona Linux User Group that requires and asks for assistance. Currently all Arizona LUGs host their own website but the capability to provide them assistance is always there depending upon their specific needs. It is a Ubuntu container LXC and is hosted by Mark Thomas.

Next Cloud Server: Supports our team member Next Cloud accounts. It is a Ubuntu container LXC and is hosted by Todd Cole.

Big Blue Button Server: Supports the Big Blue Button at Team IRC meetings and can be used for lectures, presentations, and demonstrations when a physical presence is not required or easily achieved. It has Ubuntu 18.04 and is hosted by Walter Mack.

Installation Server: Contains 200 plus ISOs and supports our installation efforts at Installfests. It is obviously portable and is set up at all Phoenix area Installfests to enhance the ability to assist the visiting public in the installing their desired Linux distribution. It has Ubuntu 18.04 and is hosted by Todd Cole.


Our mission is to use Ubuntu servers to educate and support the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team and Arizona Linux User Groups.


  • Establish a team web page. (COMPLETED)
  • Install Team calendar and LUG calendars that collaborate together. This will provide a centralized area for statewide FOSS events. (COMPLETED)
  • Setup a second server to provide testing and experimentation area. (COMPLETED)
  • Setup a third server to provide testing and experimentation area in a virtual environment. (COMPLETED)
  • Use server in anyway possible to further assist the Arizona team in the advocacy of Ubuntu. (ON GOING)

Collaboration Focuses

  • Offer assistance to any Arizona LUG that needs hosting space for their group.

Contact and Member Information

  • On our Team IRC channel: #ubuntu-us-az (usually a server team member is there.)

  • If you are not familiar with Internet Relay Chat (IRC), please refer to the following links for more information. Xchat or IRC Overview

Server Team Members

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