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Well the LCA2011 has come and gone so it's time to tell you all how it went.

There is a PDF overview available of the Open Day kindly produced by MelissaDraper and available here.

Photos from the Open Day have been uploaded here - thanks to all those who submitted pictures so we could document our efforts! If you have any photos that aren't there that you think should be please add them. If you're not sure how to do this please contact JaredNorris for assistance so they can be shared with everyone.


If you're still looking for the planning information it has been moved to this page so that it can still be referred to as required. Thanks to all who contributed ideas and their time for this.


Throughout the week of the LCA2011 the Ubuntu-AU team met up twice officially (at the Pancake Manor and also at the Open Day) but all throughout the week there were groups of us all getting together. It was good for us all to catch up, put names to faces and share ideas both Ubuntu-AU related and otherwise.

Pancake Manor Meetup

The week started up with a group of about 10 of us all meeting up at the Pancake Manor for a bite to eat. Unfortunately we do not have any pictures of this event (my apologies I left my camera in the car - JaredNorris) but it's safe to say we all had a good feed and some good fun. We even had OMG!Ubuntu writer Benjamin Humphrey join us from New Zealand to make it an international affair.

Open Day

The main focus of the week as far as the team goes was the Open Day. As it is the premiere Linux Conference for our country (even Linus Torvalds attends on a regular basis!) it was a good place to make some Ubuntu noise.

At the start of the day it was said that it was a case of first come first served as to where we all set up so we were able to grab the first table as people walked in to make sure everyone got to see us.

It was good to see a whole range of people at the open day, from toddlers through to older people we had a great mix. It was quite interesting to talk to them all to get a feel for what is going well and what could be improved from an outsider's perception. We also found the stickers were a great way to appease smaller children so that we could still find time to interact with their parents/grandparents, their faces lit up at the mention of free stickers.


As a pleasant surprise we had two Canonical staff to help us out. Both KateStewart (the Ubuntu Release Manager) and HughBlemings (the Manager of the Ubuntu Hardware Enablement Team) came in and spent most of the day helping out on the stand and talking to Ubuntu-AU team members about both Ubuntu related and unrelated matters. They also provided great photographic skills which made the day easier for us all to know that was being looked after.

A big thank you to the 10 or so team members that turned up to help out. Compiling lists only means someone will be forgotten so please just refer to the photos to see who was there and if you were there and not in the photos listed please add photos that you are in!


As previously mentioned photos of the day can be found here. Please feel free to upload more or even just link to other groups of photos for the day.


For those of you who like numbers I thought I'd list some of them from the day. We handed out:

  • Over 250 Ubuntu 10.10 CDs
  • Most of the 250 Ubuntu Sticker Sheets
  • Nearly 200 Ubuntu Pens
  • 50 Ubuntu Lanyards
  • 500 Team Business Cards (throughout the week and on the Open Day combined)

Wrap Up

One last thanks to all those who turned up and contributed, it was really good to see that we can have so many people willing to pitch in from Canonical, LCA attendees and Brisbane locals. To make sure the lessons learnt here are not lost there will be a wiki page created shortly dedicated to running stands within local communities. As a team this is something we should be doing more of and if you are thinking about it and want someone to bounce ideas off just shoot me a quick email or say hello on IRC and I'll do what I can to help you out.

We were able to send out the remaining left over CDs around the country so that nothing has been wasted. All the details are available in the mailing list post available here. Thanks to everyone involved.

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