FOSDEM 2007 will be held February 24-25th, 2007.

We will have a 2m booth for Ubuntu, so we need some people (both Belgian and other) to populate this booth during the weekend. More volunteers who want to help = more free time for these volunteers to visit talks, so... please volunteer! Smile :-)

FOSDEM offers us a hardware insurance for hardware used in the booth if we declare it before 2007-02-19.

This will also be our 1 year birthday, so maybe we can have a small meeting too? Like going to a restaurant and have some food & drinks together one evening? Anyone who knows BXL/XL who wants to organise this? Please mail the ubuntu-be mailing list!

Volunteers available for this event


Some people might have troubles getting to FOSDEM, other people might drive to Brussels with an (almost) empty car: so let's carpool!



From Where















Ubuntu-be meeting

Where, when?

At , Sunday 2007/02/25, 14.00, the booth. Contact JanClaeys for further details.

Proposed agenda points (feel free to add your own)

  • First birthday... Woohoo.
  • check last meeting's todo items
  • further delegation of tasks
  • marketing: ubuntu, edubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, ...
  • installation cd's and where to get them
    • pressing (localised) cd's for feisty+1?
  • Koning Boudewijnstichting/Foundation Roi Baudouin project account?
  • custom google search for site and docs? see [WWW]

  • - looks good...
  • Discus the use of the Code of Conduct within Ubuntu-be

  • how to pull hardware vendors into the loop
  • Joining forces with Ubuntu-nl, working more together.


This a report draft by ReginaldRatz aka Snulkid (I am not really a member of the locoteam but I cannot help writing during meetings ;-). It includes what François Schoubben has posted to the ubuntu-be mailing-list on Monday 26th.

Attendees : (complete now??) François Schoubben, Mark Van den Borre, Kevin Elaerts, Pierre Buyle, Alexandre Laurent (AlexFicelle), Jan Claeys (partially), Réginald Ratz (partially), Benjamin Sion + short appearance of Lionel Dricot.

  • Happy Birthday Ubuntu-be !
  • we'll have a planet, installed on the Ubuntu-nl server (if we can save human resources with outsourcing it, it's a good thing). To be confirmed after Cédric Janssens reply on the ML

  • We'll make a localized LiveCD and Install CD (probably funded by Google (or was it a joke?? See Mark VDB It was a joke, but you never know!) for Feisty Fawn (scheduled around 22nd April, according to Jan). Localized = Dutch and French packages + e-id card drivers (?) + links to Ubuntu-be on bookmarks ? + ? . It seems Jan could do it, but he needs some help; and Benjamin could find somebody to press the CD quite cheap.

  • François suggested we could be sponsored by LUGs, other mentioned ubuntu-friendly computer shops which, according to Mark, we should be able to find in all areas. Maybe institutions like RecuPC or Oxfam could be sponsors; Mark told us Canonical agrees to have sponsors references even on the CD itself.
  • After initial fireworks, fairs should drop to same 15 per year, and some 100 to 150 CDs were distributed at previous fairs, so we need some 2000 CDs per year (for fairs).
  • (to be completed..) Debate was on what release to burn, and : shall we follow the release cycle of Ubuntu or be more conservative? Most people think end-users targeted at fairs will want to have the last software.
  • Jan explained to Réginald translations are to be done in existing NL and FR teams (but Réginald was thinking of BE ou ubuntu-be specific stuff..)
  • Alex shows lesson plans from his girlfriend; they include use of OOo and TuxPaint. We can use them but unfortunately they have to be re-encoded (only paper records) and also translated from French to Dutch, for use at VLOD.

  • François' comment : "My mind started to think about my "late work" when started the really interesting subject of prepared courses to give to teachers explaining how to do "this and that" in Ubuntu (File, TuxPaint, OOo, ...)."

  • Kevin suggested (to be checked...) we, as FLOSS advocates, should include real computer programming in lesson plans. The idea sounds interesting but would rather fit with secondary schools lessons.
  • Mark suggested we make children aware of the FLOSS share/help philosophy, by giving very simple and understandable analogy. For example, compare a "free software machine" (everybody can fill it with content and get as much copies of softwares as wanted at almost 0-cost) to a "candy machine" (you must pay, refill it with ingredients, you cannot get as much candies as you want, you cannot share the candy you get, nor put candies back in it after you enjoyed them, etc.). The idea is to explain information is free and increases its value by being shared and passed along : the idea is worthy not only for computer softwares..
  • it is suggested next meetings take place online, by a technical means that remains to be decided : people suggested classical IRC or Jabber, other mentioned Gobby (for reporting purposes: on-line shared file editing), etc. Best time slot for most people present seems to be Thursday evening at 21h. Mark and François we fixed a date NOW even if the next meeting takes place beginning of April (before Feisty release). We decided this first virtual meeting should happen after VLOD, which makes it Thursday March 15, 2007 at 9 pm.

  • Lionel informed he will give an interview about Fosdem on PureFM this Sunday, and will try to mention Ubuntu-be first birthday.

Mark informed the Argenta bank account could not be opened yet.

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