The AbiWord bugzilla hosts a range of packages that are upstream to Ubuntu including the AbiWord word processor program and it's plugins.


Packages affected

Packages listed in bug contact packages for the Xubuntu Team, consisting of:

Using the bug tracker

AbiWord bugs are tracked upstream at bugzilla.abisource.org. Click 'Open a new Bugzilla account' under the login box and enter your email address.


The basic search functionality is the search box which is designed to be really simple to use but still allow you to use some more advanced search features. At the Search page you can search by:

  • Bug Numbers
  • Phrases
  • Target
  • Keywords
  • etc ...


There's also functionality that allows you do to advanced searches which you can find here at the Advanced Search page. Click on "Give me some help" for more information on search. As you mouse-over each item, a help tip will then appear for it.

Filing new bugs

After searching for possible duplicates you can file a new bug using the guided bug filing. Include a basic description of the problem and link to the original Launchpad report:

For forwarding bugs to the AbiWord Bugtracker (aka AbiWord Bugzilla) you should follow these steps:

  • Log in or create a new account

  • Check if the bug is already reported with the search tool

  • If it doesn't already exist open a new bug

Before submitting a new bug, you need to take care of a few things:

  • Choose the AbiWord version, also you need to select a component

  • Choose the Platform and OS - in most of the cases Linux, unless the bug affects all OS's.

  • Set the correct severity

  • Do not change Initial_State, Assign_To, and QA Contact
  • If you wish to have AbiWord notify you of any changes to this bug report, place your email address in CC

  • Do not change URL
  • Copy the Summary from the launchpad bug to Summary, making sure it describes the actual problem
  • Provide a complete description and a link to our bug in Launchpad. It is good to start with

  This bug has been reported on Ubuntu Launchpad as:
  • Add any Keywords that apply to this bug

  • Check your report over and click on Commit to submit the report
  • After submitting the report, you can open it to add any attachments

After this follow the steps listed here for linking the report to Launchpad.

Example: Launchpad report - Upstream report

Keywords and conventions

Although the simple search is based on finding the words in the summary and description, keywords are may be used in the AbiWord bugzilla. View the list of Keywords to see the usage for each one.

Launchpad Bug Watch

After you have forwarded the bug to AbiWord's bugzilla you will want to create a "Bug Watch" in Launchpad that links the Ubuntu bug to the AbiWord bug. This bug watch will be updated regularly and reflect the status of the upstream bug report. Details on creating one are found at Bugs/Watches.


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