The LXDE bug tracker hosts a range of packages that are upstream to Ubuntu including the standard LXDE desktop and additional components like PCManFM, which is the Lubuntu-desktop file manager.

Packages affected

Most packages listed in bug contact packages for the Lubuntu Packaging Team, including:

  • all the lx* packages, e.g. lxsession, lxpanel, etc.
  • all the lubuntu* packages, e.g. lubuntu-default-settings, lubuntu-artwork, etc.
  • obconf
  • pcmanfm

Using the bug tracker

Well, there's more than one.

Most LXDE bugs are tracked upstream at Sourceforge. You will also find PCManFM there.

LXQt (the future of LXDE) bugs are tracked upstream at GitHub, including obconf and PCManFM..

Lubuntu-specific packages are tracked on Launchpad.

Note that the window manager openbox is developed independently, as well as all the other apps.

Filing new bugs

After searching for possible duplicates you can file a new bug using the guided bug filing. Simply click on "New" in the menu bar under the header. Include a basic description of the problem and link to the original Launchpad report:

For forwarding bugs to any of the above trackers you should follow these steps:

  • Login (create a new account if you haven't already)
  • Check if the bug is already reported with the search tool
  • If it does not already exist open a new bug

Before submitting a new bug, you need to take care of a few things:

  • Copy the Summary from the Launchpad bug to Summary and add any keywords for later searches
  • Provide a complete description and a link to our bug in Launchpad. It is good to start with

  This bug has been reported on Ubuntu Launchpad as:
  • Check your report over submit the report

Launchpad Bug Watch

After you have forwarded the bug upstream you will want to create a "Bug Watch" in Launchpad that links the Ubuntu bug to the LXDE bug. This bug watch will be updated regularly and reflect the status of the upstream bug report. Details on creating one are found at Bugs/Watches.


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