OpenSSH has its own Bugzilla instance.

The primary Debian maintainer of OpenSSH is also an Ubuntu developer, so many bugs are filed in Debian too.

Packages affected

  • openssh

Using the bug tracker

OpenSSH bugs are tracked upstream at Click 'New Account' at the top and enter your email address.


As with other Bugzilla instances.

Filing new bugs

  • Check if the bug is already reported with the search tool

  • If it doesn't already exist open a new bug

After this just submit the bug and follow the steps listed here for linking the report to Launchpad.

Launchpad Bug Watch

After you have forwarded the bug to OpenSSH's bugzilla you will want to create a "Bug Watch" in Launchpad that links the Ubuntu bug to the OpenSSH bug. This bug watch will be updated regularly and reflect the status of the upstream bug report. Details on creating one are found at Bugs/Watches.


Patches should be created against the current git repository. To check this out:

git clone

Be extremely wary of creating new configuration options without forwarding them upstream. It is not uncommon for upstream to select a different name during the process of agreeing on the patch, and if the option was previously added to distribution packaging then we can end up having to maintain compatibility code forever.

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