Sunday, April 19th, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. California Team Podcast
    1. A few people on the mailing list have expressed interest (mailing list thread)

    2. Doing one monthly would be a good start, with biweekly as an eventual target
    3. Focused on end-user stuff, rather than technical subjects
    4. Preference for audio, rather than video, podcast
    5. Topics for discussion on mailing list: who will produce it, hosting, writers, topics, who'll speak in the podcast, topics, length
  2. Jaunty Release info
    1. Ubuntu 9.04; not an LTS
    2. Mirrors will be (as usual) swamped, so make a local mirror if you're installing to a bunch of machines
    3. Boot time improvements (especially with ext4)
    4. Update manager will give 8.10 users an option to upgrade; upgrades from earlier versions need to go through 8.10 (e.g. 8.04 would upgrade to 8.10 then 9.04)
    5. Jaunty upgrade instructions

    6. Read the release notes!
  3. Jaunty release parties

    1. Walnut Creek and San Francisco ones are already organized
    2. lcafiero is going to look into doing one in Felton at their LUG meeting
    3. LA/Orange one will be at Pei Wei, 7pm Saturday

Original Agenda

  1. California Team Podcast (mailing list thread) - Do we want to start a podcast, and what are some of the things we'll need in order to make it a success?

  2. Jaunty Release Stuff

    1. General Info
    2. Parties
  3. housekeeping from ToDoList - Further discussion

7:20 <Flannel> Alright, so, our current agenda is available: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/09April19
7:21 <jbermudes> cool
7:21 <Flannel> It currently consists of three (well, four) topics: 1) Podcast Discussion, 2) Jaunty Information, 3) Jaunty Release Party/etc stuff, and 4) ToDoList housekeeping
7:21 <Flannel> Anyone have anything to add to that at this point in time?
7:21 <atari2600a> will a localized podcast really take off?
7:21 <Flannel> atari2600a: We'll wait until we're in that topic to discuss that ;)
7:22 *** rww can't think of anything
7:22 <nhaines> atari2600a: that's really the whole question of that topic. :)
7:22 <Flannel> Alright, If anyone has anything to add at any point during the meeting, feel free to do at anytime.
7:22 <Flannel> So, on to our first topic: Podcast
7:22 <atari2600a> (7:21:30 PM) atari2600a: will a localized podcast really take off?
7:22 <atari2600a> :P
7:22 <indigo747> It might
7:22 <MarkTerranova> How about having people from LUG radio involved in the podcast like Jono?
7:22 <nhaines> haha
7:23 <indigo747> the listenership may not be very large, but it might be an interesting experiment
7:23 <nhaines> I think we're a big enough state that we could definitely provide something intersting.
7:23 <nhaines> Jono probably has way too much on his plate, but I'm sure we could get him to do an interview at some point.
7:23 <Lance4-Sac> there is a lug radio?
7:23 <MarkTerranova> A localized podcast would be fine, but we need to aim for more community involvement
7:24 <Yasumoto> MarkTerranova: agreed
7:24 <nhaines> Lance4-Sac: Lug Radio Live was a former podcast that stopped last year.
7:24 <nhaines> MarkTerranova: +1
7:24 <indigo747> not just news, becuase there are plenty of podcasts that do that...
7:24 <Lance4-Sac> o
7:24 <Lance4-Sac> oh
7:24 <nhaines> indigo747: definitely.
7:24 <Yasumoto> MarkTerranova: are you thinking more in terms of production, hosts, guests, or ...?
7:24 <indigo747> Do we have names of people who can/want to do this?
7:25 <MarkTerranova> something that some of our less nerdy friends would find interesting
7:25 <MarkTerranova> dumbing down the content would be okay sometimes
7:25 <nhaines> indigo747: there's no definitive list yet, but there are a few people on the mailing list that have expressed interest.
7:26 <indigo747> nhaines: ah, thanks
7:26 <Yasumoto> MarkTerranova: huh, I didn't think of that. There really aren't too many "layman-friendly" linux podcasts, are there?
7:26 <Flannel> MarkTerranova: instead of a technical podcast (a la ubuntupodcast.net) one geared towards people outside of Ubuntu
7:26 <rww> indigo747: specifically, in the thread beginning at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2009-April/000496.html
7:27 <indigo747> rww: ah
7:27 <MarkTerranova> Not to sound sexist but some women like art and music
7:27 <nhaines> I think we can cover general interest topics. Not all podcasts have to be super technical.
7:27 <Flannel> nhaines: I like the idea of one targetting laypersons.
7:28 <Yasumoto> nhaines: +1
7:28 <Flannel> Or, more oriented towards that anyway.
7:28 <nhaines> Flannel: I always imagined beginning to intermediate audience level.
7:28 <Yasumoto> I like the idea of separate show "segments"
7:28 <Flannel> nhaines: Sounds good.
7:28 <indigo747> I don't know if anybody has volunteered this knowledge, but I did a small study, and I know the technical side of hosting a podcast...
7:28 <nhaines> Yasumoto: +1
7:28 <nhaines> indigo747: good, we can use all the insight we can get.
7:28 <nhaines> Someone else on the mailing list (ML) also mentioned having some experience.
7:29 <jbermudes> it would be kind of cool to have segments that highlight some tech news relating to open source
7:29 <indigo747> Do we have any hosting space we can call our own? a place for a blog?
7:29 <jbermudes> maybe just interesting things from slashdot that regular folks might care about
7:29 <nhaines> indigo747: not yet, and that's something we'll have to handle when we decide the project is Go.
7:30 <rww> One thing to think about is that most of the content of a podcast could also be put into a text newsletter... which also has the advantage of being easier to skim ;)
7:30 <indigo747> nhaines: ok, got it
7:30 <Flannel> Right. If we do a podcast, at the very least, we must provide a transcript.
7:30 <Yasumoto> rww: having a transcription of the podcast?
7:31 <Grantbow> the us team is looking for blog feeds
7:31 <Yasumoto> Grantbow: very true
7:31 <nhaines> Grantbow: once we're approved we'll definitely have to syndicate the podcast there. Good thinking!
7:31 <Grantbow> I don't think they are picky :-)
7:32 <nhaines> Grantbow: even better. :)
7:32 <rww> nhaines: unapproved teams are allowed to participate in the US team planet now.
7:32 <Flannel> It's for LoCo news, which I suppose announcements of new episodes would count towards. But, nhaines, they also recently made it all US teams
7:32 <nhaines> Let's turn this around for a bit. Can anyone think of reasons not to do a podcast?
7:32 <indigo747> It might fall apart
7:32 <indigo747> we may not get any hosts
7:32 <Grantbow> who's going to be in front of the camera/mic?
7:33 <jbermudes> how frequent would it be?
7:33 <indigo747> Who would listen to a small ubuntu podcast targeted at california?
7:33 <Grantbow> who's going to "produce" edit/mix?
7:33 <jbermudes> who's going to write the script?
7:33 <indigo747> jbermudes: I don't think we should have a script, more like an outline, that seems to work better in other podcasts
7:33 <nhaines> I think biweekly is a good target. I've heard someone say that monthly would be a good start.
7:33 <Yasumoto> I've listened to a few podcasts where segments really helped make each show valuable to a large audience, so setting up some sort of reliable schedule would be helpful
7:34 <Yasumoto> nhaines: yeah, I like monthly
7:34 <Yasumoto> indigo747: I think that it's more "produced from california" rather than "aimed at CA"
7:34 <Flannel> I think monthly would be good start. Gives us plenty of time to make sure we have content.
7:34 <indigo747> Yasumoto: ah, thanks
7:34 <Grantbow> monthly will be more than enough work
7:34 <Flannel> Although, it also means that sometimes content is stale. But I think it'd be a good starting point while things are getting set up.
7:34 <rww> Perhaps it'd be a good idea to make a CaliforniaTeam/Project/Podcast (for example) page, hash out some of the jobs that would go into making a podcast (scriptwriting, editing, etc.), and get an idea of how many people we'd need?
7:34 <nhaines> Yeah, like I think I remember saying, we can always increase our schedule but decreasing feels like a big slowdown.
7:35 <MarkTerranova> Flannel: I agree. Starting out monthly would be fine to see how everything works out and we can go from there and eventually make more frequent podcasts
7:36 <nhaines> I have totally failed in my responsibilities by not making a wiki page yet. :)
7:36 <indigo747> "nhaines, you have failed us..."
7:37 <nhaines> I can definitely host, and I'm shameless, so at least finding hosts is not a worry. I really, really like the idea of co-presenters.
7:37 *** nhaines defines a host as 'the person(s) talking during the podcast', not a webhost.
7:38 <Flannel> More than one person talking per cast is definately required.
7:38 <Yasumoto> yeah, I think you really need to have people that have personalities to play off of
7:38 <jbermudes> yasumoto, couldnt we host? (webspace)
7:38 <jbermudes> by we, chapman
7:38 <indigo747> And talking into a mike is much harder when you dont' have somebody to talk with
7:38 <nhaines> indigo747: indeed.
7:40 <rww> Another question that came up on the mailing list: Do we want to do an audio-only podcast, or have video too?
7:40 <atari2600a> closing on 8PM
7:40 <Yasumoto> jbermudes: I think fahy would be down.. but hosting it on .edu seems odd?
7:40 <indigo747> Let's start with audio, because video is rather, if not much harder to edit, and produce
7:40 <atari2600a> sorry I'm gonna have to leave
7:40 <nhaines> Definitely audio. It's going to be the easiest option.
7:40 <Flannel> I agree that audio is a better medium to start with.
7:40 <atari2600a> it's been fun lurking
7:40 <Flannel> No problem atari2600a.
7:40 <nhaines> atari2600a: don't worry about it. There'll be a log online later. :)
7:40 <MarkTerranova> Not to mention having video requires a lot more bandwidth
7:41 <nhaines> It's easier to have guest hosts through audio podcasts, too.
7:41 <Yasumoto> yeah, I like audio for now
7:41 <rww> me too
7:41 <Flannel> Alright, we've already spent about 20 minutes on this topic. What outstanding questions do we have?
7:41 <MarkTerranova> As long as its not ogg only :)
7:41 <Flannel> MarkTerranova: Speex, of course!
7:41 <Flannel> ;)
7:42 <nhaines> MarkTerranova: +1 for practicality. ;)
7:42 <Flannel> Who will produce, Hosting (we know we have it though), write, topics.
7:42 <jbermudes> Yasumoto, well, perhaps we are just a mirror?
7:42 <indigo747> Who will host the podcast, where will we host the files.
7:42 <Flannel> Persons in said podcast.
7:42 <Grantbow> to the Mail List and wiki with comments?
7:42 <rww> Flannel: Stuff that can go on a wiki page / mailing list discussion: 1) Who's going to do it, 2) Topics, length, etc. 3) hosting...
7:42 <Flannel> Is that everything?
7:42 <Yasumoto> jbermudes: could be
7:42 <Flannel> Aye. I'm trying to summarize topics to be moved elsewhere.
7:42 <indigo747> publicity...
7:42 <Flannel> Since, these really are quite open ended.
7:43 <Flannel> Alright, so, lets move this whole thing back to the mailing list. And this time try and pin down specifics.
7:43 <Yasumoto> Flannel: yeah, let's drop them on ML where we can thoughtfully produce well-written prose as response
7:43 <nhaines> Yasumoto: thanks, I'll be looking out for that from you.
7:43 <Flannel> So, moving it to the mailing list, and actually coming up with answers (of course, we can discuss as well).
7:44 <Flannel> And then as we come to conclusions (or at least narrow it down), transfer that information to the wiki.
7:44 <Flannel> A wiki page nhaines has volunteered to create ;)
7:44 <nhaines> My words come back to haunt me!
7:44 <Flannel> Alright. So, with that. Our next topic for the evening is Jaunty Release (Information). This is just general Jaunty info (not related to parties--yet)
7:45 <Flannel> Jaunty is going to be released *this* Thursday. A whopping... what, four days from now?
7:45 <Grantbow> Comments on our home page are welcome and encouraged
7:45 <Grantbow> yes, 4
7:45 <Yasumoto> nhaines: epic
7:45 <rww> Grantbow (iirc) updated the home page with some Jaunty info. Nice work :)
7:45 <MarkTerranova> I don't know about you, but there is no release without a party!
7:46 <Flannel> MarkTerranova: We'll get to parties, don't owrry.
7:46 <Flannel> This is just so we inform everyone of all the stuff people will want to know about Jaunty.
7:46 <Flannel> Since, we're all going to get questions all week about them.
7:46 <Yasumoto> Flannel: good idea
7:47 <Flannel> So, the normal, boring stuff: Jaunty is 9.04,
7:47 <rww> Flannel: as in, stuff people should know before they install/upgrade it?
7:47 <Flannel> it's not an LTS. and, as usual, the servers will be *swamped* on release day.
7:47 <Grantbow> The only number I've seen for boo speed increase is from 29 to 21 seconds, a 30% time savings.
7:47 <Grantbow> *boot
7:47 <Flannel> If you're doing installfest type parties, be sure to have a local mirror of the repos (or at least an alternate CD)
7:47 <rww> Grantbow: I may make another partition on this computer next week and get some numbers for you.
7:47 <indigo747> Can 8.10 users update from the update menu or something?
7:48 <Flannel> Although, we really don't recommend installfest type parties within the first few weeks
7:48 <Flannel> At least, not installfest parties where you install it on new Linux users computers.
7:48 <Grantbow> I'm upgraded my machine, works ok for me.
7:48 <Flannel> Give them 8.10, and let them upgrade in a few months, once the initial release bugs are worked out.
7:48 <Flannel> Yes, 8.10 users will be given the option to upgrade, through Update manager
7:49 <Flannel> There'll be a little "New Version available" button near the top.
7:49 <Grantbow> there are good instructions for upgrading on ubuntu.com
7:49 <indigo747> Well that's good to know...
7:49 <Flannel> If you're on 8.04, you need to upgrade to 8.10 to get to 9.04. But again, 8.04 is LTS.
7:49 <rww> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades will be updated with upgrade instructions when it's released (right now it has 8.10 -> 9.04 beta instructions on it)
7:49 <Flannel> nhaines: Done yet? I've stalled a good deal
7:49 <nhaines> Things that are better in Jaunty!
7:49 <jbermudes> Flannel, can you upgrade from 8.04 to 9.04 via cd?
7:49 <nhaines> New notification popup style. No more actions, and they fade when you mouse over them.
7:49 <nhaines> Boot performance is significantly faster--especially if you format with ext4.
7:49 <nhaines> Speaking of which, ext4 support is in there. This will be the default fs in Ubuntu 9.10
7:49 <MarkTerranova> I've been having some problems with older ATI radeon cards, so it would be hard for me to recommend this release over Ibex, sadly
7:50 <nhaines> New version of GNOME with tight Brasero integration and better handling of multiple monitors.
7:50 <nhaines> New version of X.org, and automatic hotplug support for Wacom tablets.
7:50 <rww> jbermudes: direct upgrades from 8.04 to 9.04 aren't supported, so no. You'd need to go through 8.10 first.
7:50 <Flannel> jbermudes: Only via "reinstall", upgrades are only one release at a time (except LTS to LTS)
7:50 <Flannel> Oh! and via CD upgrades are only using the Alternate or server CDs, *not* the Desktop CDs
7:50 <Flannel> (Just like always)
7:51 <Flannel> Thanks nhaines.
7:51 <nhaines> And remember, if you have any doubts, a Desktop CD is a good way to make sure your hardware is supported!
7:51 <rww> I note that the new version of X.org means that there's a new version of fglrx, the closed-source ATI driver. The new version of fglrx *does not* support pre-R600 cards. The open-source ATI drivers are very improved since Intrepid, but some people will still have problems with that.
7:51 <Lance4-Sac> Questions besides bug-fixs what is different between 8.10 and 9.04
7:51 <MarkTerranova> Some of you are talking about slow server speeds, but is bittorrent an option for you?
7:51 <nhaines> Lance4-Sac: Is there anything you were looking for other than the list of big changes I listed above?
7:51 <Flannel> Lance4-Sac: There will be a list (that I can't find the in-process version of right now) of features once its released.
7:52 <Lance4-Sac> ok
7:52 <rww> MarkTerranova: iso downloads aren't the problem: it's the update servers (for Intrepid upgrades).
7:52 <indigo747> MarkTerranova: at the speeds after prerelease, all you need to do is let it sit about an hour
7:52 <Lance4-Sac> 4 days can't w8
7:52 <nhaines> http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904overview is a prerelease list.
7:52 <Flannel> Ah. And http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904 has Release Note type things (do this before upgrading, etc)
7:52 <MarkTerranova> rww: I see.
7:53 <Grantbow> out home page has the rel notes link
7:53 <Yasumoto> there's also some sweet integration with amazon web services, which should make erichammond happy :)
7:54 <Grantbow> *our
7:54 <MarkTerranova> I've found that using the Main Server for the source list instead of the US Mirror, to be a lot quicker lately
7:55 <Flannel> I think that about does it for that discussion. Anyone have anything to add?
7:55 <jbermudes> ubuntu rox!
7:55 <nhaines> Reading release notes saves lives!
7:55 <Lance4-Sac> and files
7:55 <Flannel> Yeah, be sure to read the release notes, especially *before* upgrading.
7:55 <MarkTerranova> nhaines: thank you.
7:56 <rww> Reading release notes is a very very very very good idea, especially with all the driver changes this time around.
7:56 <Flannel> With that, we'll move on to our next topic:
7:56 <Flannel> Jaunty Release Extravaganzas!
7:57 <Grantbow> w00t
7:57 <jbermudes> yay
7:57 <indigo747> I have to go, see ya!
7:57 *** jercos glances up
7:57 <jercos> meeting? but it's sunday...
7:58 <Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/JauntyRelease
7:58 *** jercos grabs a chair and a donut
7:58 <Yasumoto> nhaines: where did you suggest holding the socal one?
7:58 <rww> jercos: that's when meetings always are
7:58 <Flannel> We have a smidge more discussion on the south one. So lets cover announcements/details of the northern ones first.
7:58 <rww> Oh, I just thought: do we have any new OSCON info? If so, maybe tack that on to the end of the schedule.
7:58 <nhaines> Yasumoto: Pei Wei Asian Diner.
7:58 <Lance4-Sac> ok I going to go
7:58 <Lance4-Sac> bye
7:58 <jercos> rww: I thought they were mondays :-\ must have gotten my wires crossed.
7:58 <nhaines> Lance4-Sac: glad you could make it.
7:58 <Flannel> Bye Lance4-Sac
7:59 <rww> jercos: Mondays is new House M.D. episodes. An understandable mixup :D
7:59 <Flannel> So, we've got two that I'm already aware of. One near Walnut Creek, and one Near SF.
7:59 <Yasumoto> rww: nope, they're still getting their dotOrg stuff organized
7:59 <Lance4-Sac> tnx
7:59 <jercos> rww: oooh, right. ;)
7:59 <Lance4-Sac> bye
7:59 <Flannel> Grantbow, want to remind us/etc about the Walnut creek one?
7:59 <Yasumoto> rww: I'll touch base with them during may if I haven't heard from them yet
7:59 <Grantbow> I checked out both venues, Thurs is San Francisco, Friday is Walnut Creek. If you want another party - plan it!
8:00 *** Lance4-Sac leaves to update ubuntu to 9.04
8:00 *** lcafiero would like to talk about Felton May 2.
8:00 <Yasumoto> lcafiero: sweet, please do :)
8:00 <Grantbow> We'll have "open source" music DJ guy in San Francisco, probably gets rolling at around 10:00 I've heard.
8:00 <nhaines> Grantbow: sweet.
8:00 <lcafiero> Yielding to Grantbow
8:00 <Flannel> Grantbow: which day?
8:01 <Grantbow> Thurs is San Francisco
8:01 <Grantbow> Flannel: Is Saturday for Orange at that restaurant?
8:01 *** Algorithmiccontr sneaks in 
8:02 <Flannel> Grantbow: We're doing northern ones first, we haven't decided on South yet.
8:02 <Flannel> (We're doing that after the other announcements)
8:02 <Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/JauntyRelease
8:02 <Grantbow> come if you can
8:02 <rww> Thursday is the San Francisco one, Friday is the Walnut Creek one. It's nice that they're on separate days, so I can go to both :D
8:02 <Grantbow> Flannel: back to you
8:03 <Flannel> Alright, so. We've got one at Caffiene in SF. It starts around 8ish on Thursday, and there'll be music and a DJ and stuff.
8:03 <MarkTerranova> WC should have some of us from the Gidget Kitchen - the new DVlug - maybe some other stragglers
8:03 <Flannel> And then we've got one in Walnut Creek on Friday, it's at Caffe La Scala. Starts around 7pm.
8:04 <Flannel> And... that's all of the parties I'm aware of in the north right now. However, I know lcafiero has one to announce.
8:04 <nhaines> Oh, they requested an optional RSVP for the Caffeine party - http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/2463176
8:04 <lcafiero> We could have one -- looking at jercos -- in Felton at the monthly Felton LUG meeting on May 2.
8:05 <rww> The RSVP seems to require a Yahoo! account, though :(
8:05 <Grantbow> rww: what's with that?
8:06 <lcafiero> We discussed this month holding monthly release parties for whichever distro is releasing, and May 2 would be good for Jaunty.
8:06 <jercos> looking at jercos, as in, another hugely important event hinges on me?
8:06 <MarkTerranova> wait is that like posting links to NYtimes
8:06 <lcafiero> Nah, just looking at you because indigo left :-)
8:06 <Grantbow> jercos: lol
8:06 *** lcafiero identifying the Felton gang :-)
8:06 <nhaines> lcafiero: that's enough enough time for any strange bugs to be solved. :)
8:06 <lcafiero> Felton is in Santa Cruz County, in the San Lorenzo Valley.
8:06 <MarkTerranova> Our group stuff is dome with facebook.
8:07 <lcafiero> We could use some media and such, if it's available.
8:07 <Flannel> lcafiero: What sort of media?
8:07 <lcafiero> CDs. Normally in the past we've burned our own.
8:08 <Flannel> We unfortunately can't help with that yet.
8:09 <lcafiero> Okay.
8:09 <Grantbow> lcafiero I'll see what I can do for you
8:09 <Flannel> Perhaps for 9.10, although even then, I don't remember how long LoCo packs take to arrive.
8:10 <lcafiero> Great, Grantbow -- we can talk about it later.
8:10 <lcafiero> But I'll add Felton to the list.
8:11 <Flannel> Alright. Sounds good.
8:11 <Flannel> Anyone else have other parties to tell us about?
8:11 <Flannel> Alright. Then our last party we know about so far is the one in the LA area.
8:12 <jbermudes> which is the most awesome one, right?
8:12 <Flannel> I believe last meeting we decided on Pei Wei or ... that Pizza place near Chapman.
8:12 <nhaines> Pei Wei is a P.F. Changs-style restaurant with lower prices and lesser noise, and there are lots of them scattered aabout.
8:13 <nhaines> There's one in Lake Forest which might be a good choice.
8:13 <jbermudes> google map link?
8:14 <Flannel> Google maps says Lake Forest is north of Sacramento!
8:14 <nhaines> http://www.peiwei.com/stores.html?citySel=ORANGE COUNTY&noPass=1&stateSel= CA
8:14 <jbermudes> i see one in chino hills, pasadena, and tustin
8:15 <nhaines> jbermudes: that's the Los Angeles locations. Orange County ones show more southerly ones.
8:15 <jbermudes> oh
8:15 <Flannel> http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Pei+Wei+El+Toro+Rd&sll=33.628914,-117.694645&sspn=0.096051,0.154495&ie=UTF8&ll=33.634631,-117.670097&spn=0.192088,0.30899&z=12
8:15 <Flannel> This one's just south (on 5) of the 5/405 split
8:16 <Flannel> Is that the one you had in mind, nhaines?
8:16 <nhaines> That's the one!
8:16 <nhaines> I've only been to the one in Seal Beach but the food was excellent.
8:17 <Flannel> So, who wants to have it there?
8:17 <Flannel> (Or doesn't)
8:17 <jbermudes> ping yasumoto
8:17 <Flannel> yay/nay?
8:17 <nhaines> +1
8:18 <Flannel> +1 from me.
8:18 <Yasumoto> +1
8:18 <Flannel> Alright. Anyone -1?
8:18 <Yasumoto> it's right off the 5, which is really nice
8:18 <jbermudes> +/- 0, heh
8:18 <jbermudes> wait, what day?
8:18 <Flannel> Alright. Now, day/time. I think Saturday was what we had previously discussed?
8:19 <jbermudes> which saturday?
8:19 <nhaines> I think so.
8:19 <Yasumoto> I say saturday
8:19 <nhaines> This Saturday, the 25th.
8:19 <Flannel> jbermudes: Next Saturday. Few days after release.
8:19 <Flannel> er, This Saturday, even.
8:19 <jbermudes> ah, ok
8:19 <Flannel> (and then we're having something technical later on in a few weeks)
8:19 <jbermudes> cool
8:20 <Yasumoto> the 25th works
8:20 <Flannel> Alright. So, Times? I think nathan mentioned 7? Anyone feel strongly one way or the other?
8:20 <jbermudes> whatever avoids traffic
8:20 <nhaines> Earlier might be better. 5 or 6?
8:20 <Yasumoto> 7pm works for me. Flannel, is that enough time for you for you to get up here?
8:21 <nhaines> I'm still good with 7.
8:21 <Flannel> 7 will work fine for me., Do we know how late they're open?
8:22 <nhaines> Err... I'll call and find out righ tnow.
8:22 <Grantbow> The last agenda item we can move to the mail list - we are way over on time now.
8:22 <Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Projects/ToDoList
8:23 <Flannel> Yeah. We are a bit late. So, if 7 works with their hours, we'll do that.
8:23 <Grantbow> Flannel: is that ok with you?
8:23 <rww> You're missing a /CaliforniaTeam there, Grantbow :P
8:23 <Flannel> If not, well push it forward until it makes sense and gives us enough time.
8:23 <Grantbow> oops
8:23 <nhaines> They're open until 10 on Fridays and Saturdays. Otherwise 9.
8:23 <Flannel> Alright. I think three hours will be plenty.
8:23 <Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList
8:24 <Flannel> Grantbow: Is there something on there that's time sensitive?
8:24 <rww> I don't think so.
8:24 <Flannel> I glanced, but didn't see anything.
8:24 <Grantbow> Flannel: not that I'm aware of.
8:24 <Flannel> If not, yeah, we'll postpone it for next time? Or do you want to just takecare of it on the ML?
8:24 <rww> I vote we talk about it next time, when all the Jaunty stuff is done with.
8:24 <Yasumoto> rww: I'll find the SCaLE notes and jot them down
8:25 <Grantbow> both, either, step up guys! lol
8:25 <rww> Yasumoto: That'd be great, thanks :)
8:25 <Flannel> Alright. NExt meeting then.
8:25 <Flannel> So, 7pm was our time for Pei Wei?
8:25 <nhaines> +1
8:25 <Flannel> anyone have issues with that? +1 from me
8:25 <Yasumoto> +1
8:25 <Flannel> Alright. Thank you all for coming. Sorry for running a bit late. Lots of excitement coming up! Be sure to stop by #ubuntu-release-party!
8:26 <jbermudes> yay
8:26 <Flannel> See you all in two weeks, see some of you in six days. Everyone have fun for release!
8:26 <nhaines> yay
8:26 <Flannel> That'd be the third of May.

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