Sunday, September 6th, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Karmic Development (Off-agenda)
    1. Karmic Alpha 5 was just released. Testing is very much appreciated.
  2. Global Bug Jam Events Planning (Oct 2-4)
    1. No. Cal locations are still undecided.
    2. So. Cal's location includes Chapman University, the site of previous Bug Jams.
    3. Further discussion will be solicited on the mailing list.
  3. Ubuntu California LoCo Approval Process

    1. Application is on its way. More text needs to be added to provide context for links. Revisions still needed.
    2. Examples of accepted applications: Arizona, El Salvador; examples of rejected applications: Jordan, Lithuania

    3. Next LoCo Approval Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 15. We plan to make that deadline. Be there to support our team!

Original Agenda

  1. LoCo Approval Status Updates

    1. Final decision for September 15th agenda of the LoCo Council

  2. Planning/Discussion:
    1. Global Jam

    2. Karmic Release

If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it. Please include an explanation of your item if it's not immediately apparent.

Our meetings are held for one hour every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PDT / 02:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-california on Freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Java client linked from the Contact page.


19:06 <         Flannel> Alright, welcome everyone to our meeting.  Thank you all for taking the time out of your Labor Day weekend.
19:06 <         Flannel> Our agenda for the evening is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/09September06
19:07 <         Flannel> and currently consists of: planning for the Global Jam (Beginning of Oct), Release Stuff (End of Oct), and our path towards approval.
19:07 <         Flannel> If anyone has anything to add to the agenda, feel free to do so during the meeting (just in IRC)
19:08 <         Flannel> Before we begin a few housekeeping things.
19:08 <         Flannel> Ubuntu Developer Week was last week, lots of sessions were had on a variety of subjects. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek
19:09 <         Flannel> Logs of all of the sessions are available if you missed a session
19:10 <        Grantbow> Flannel: thanks for the reminder.  There were some good ones.
19:10 <         Flannel> Developer week is a chance for people to learn more about how to contribute, much like Ubuntu Open Week (which occurs after each release)
19:10 <         Flannel> Also, Karmic alpha five was just released... a few days ago.
19:11 <         Flannel> Anyone had a chance to play around with it yet?
19:11 <         nhaines> Just a little bit.
19:11 <       DWonderly> I've played with the UNR... Looking better
19:11 <        Grantbow> I run Karmic - fewer problems lately
19:11 <         nhaines> I've been playing around with an upgraded Alpha 4 but didn't have time to get into Alpha 5 yet.  It's shaping up very nicely.
19:11 <       DWonderly> Firefox 3.0 on it still has issues as does UbuntuOne
19:11 <       jbermudes> does the alpha come with the new GRUB?
19:12 <        Grantbow> jbermudes: yes
19:12 <         nhaines> jbermudes: only as a reinstall, yes.
19:12 <             rww> It breaks with my graphics card now. I filed a bug and they said some kernel stuff needs (hopefully will be) updating or something.
19:12 <       jbermudes> yay! the scripting ability looks sweet.
19:12 <             rww> New installs have GRUB2, upgrades don't. Ditto ext4.
19:12 <       DWonderly> Overall it is very nice even as an Alpha5
19:12 <        Grantbow> rww: +1
19:13 <         nhaines> Yeah, if you have an nVidia card, wait for alpha 6.
19:13 <             rww> nhaines: or an R6xx-chipset ATI card, in my case :)
19:13 <         nhaines> rww: yikes!  Good to know.  :)
19:13 <       DWonderly> The Intel cards work good
19:14 <            fccf> DWonderly: been waiting for that, the regression caused alot of fuss ...esp for new users wanting the latest
19:14 <       DWonderly> fccf: Yeah, it's a bit frustrating but, with some TLC it purrs
19:15 <         Flannel> So, Alpha 6 is due out in two weeks, with the Beta in October
19:15 <         Flannel> just for those of you playing along at home.
19:15 <         nhaines> Well, it's good to remember that the alphas and betas are *not* for having the newest things, they're for fixing the huge problems.
19:15 <            fccf> Personally I am a LTS guy, and for good reason, it works
19:16 <         Flannel> On to our first scheduled topic: Global Jam planning.
19:16 *** Grantbow cheers
19:16 *** DWonderly grins
19:16 *** dragon woots
19:16 *** fccf whohoo Jam Style
19:16 <         Flannel> How are we looking as far as N.Cal locationwise?
19:17 <         Flannel> Actually, we've got some new faces, lets step back.
19:17 <        Grantbow> Still no decision yet, we'll have to pin it down in the next two weeks.
19:17 <        Grantbow> and for S.Cal?
19:18 <         Flannel> Global Jam (formerly Global Bug Jam) is a weekend long event (around the world) where teams get together and teach/do things with regard to Ubuntu sorts of things
19:18 <         Flannel> Bug jams are learning how to triage usually (although fixing has happened), that sort of thing.
19:19 <            fccf> Possible future location www.coworkingfullerton.com - had a great PalmPre Dev camp there with about 25 users
19:19 <         nhaines> There are lots of different ways for people to learn how to make Ubuntu better, and you don't even have to program.  :)
19:19 <         Flannel> This particular one is the weekend of Oct2,3,4.
19:19 <        Grantbow> fccf: nice idea for Karmic+1
19:19 <         Flannel> It's a nice way for someone who wants to get involved with the more 'technical' side (as opposed to support, etc) to ease into it with a group to support them along the way.
19:19 <            fccf> oooh and LTS too
19:20 <         Flannel> With that said, is anyone here unclear as to what a global jam is all about?
19:20 <         Flannel> fccf, I think that was mostly for you, you have questions?
19:20 <       DWonderly> Beta installs and help others. <G> Got it
19:20 <        Grantbow> there were several mail lists posts about this as well
19:21 <         Flannel> Alright, his silence either means he understands and I bored him to death, or he's flabbergasted and cowering from the keyboard.  Either way, looks like we're done with the background.
19:22 <            fccf> Flannel: not really, I understand that it is a pre release dev/fix party, prior to final build release in late october... some of which may or may not be incorporated into karmic
19:22 <            fccf> Flannel: rather I don't type as fast as I think
19:23 <         Flannel> fccf: It's more about participation than productivity but yeah.
19:23 <            fccf> Flannel: trying to participate/learn
19:24 <        Grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
19:24 <         Flannel> fccf: Aye.
19:24 <         Flannel> Someone asked about SoCal, We'll be doing it at Chapman unless there's some sort of conflict,
19:24 <         Flannel> As far as I'm aware, we've got a open invitiation still
19:25 <            fccf> Flannel: perfect, be sure to confirm with the DOC
19:25 <       DWonderly> Where is Yasumoto tonight? ;)
19:25 <             rww> Flannel: Yasumoto said last meeting that Chapman is fine.
19:25 <        Grantbow> away message says he's at work
19:25 <         Flannel> rww: Ah, he did?  I didn't catch that
19:25 <         Flannel> Alright then
19:25 <       DWonderly> I think it's said that for the last 96 hours
19:26 <         Flannel> Can someone briefly itemize the different locations and their benefits for the northern locations?
19:26 <        Grantbow> Flannel, can we move on please?  we need to discuss the approval.
19:26 <        Grantbow> Flannel, I'll post that info to the mail list if you like.
19:26 <         Flannel> Grantbow: We haven't discussed it at all.
19:27 <        Grantbow> The approval meeting is the 9th - the Global jam event is not for a month.
19:27 <         Flannel> but if you want to move on, sure.
19:28 <        Grantbow> err, 15th, sorry.
19:28 <         Flannel> Grantbow: It's only a month away.  Also, if we don't make the 15th, we make next month's,
19:28 <         Flannel> we don't have the liberty to reschedule G*J
19:29 <         Flannel> Anyway, I suppose we're moving onto Approval.
19:31 <          dragon> The approval app looks good.
19:31 <        Grantbow> rww has done a GREAT job getting this ready!  +1
19:31 <          dragon> rww++
19:32 <         Flannel> Our app needs a bit of work before we're ready to submit it.
19:32 <         Flannel> Or, I'll rephrase, it's currently not ready to go for approval
19:32 <        Grantbow> why not?
19:33 <         Flannel> There's very little content
19:33 <          dragon> Do we have some examples of apps that got accepted vs those that got rejected?
19:34 <         Flannel> Basically, someone should be able to pick up the app and (without browsing any other page) know what we've done/etc
19:34 <            fccf> Flannel: can we wiki-ize it and bust it out, as a group
19:34 <         Flannel> and then they browse the linked pages to get more details, etc.
19:34 <       DWonderly> Flannel, so we are looking to dig into better documentation then?
19:34 <         Flannel> fccf: Indeed, rww and I have already discussed it.  I'm not saying it's not doable, just it's not done.
19:35 <         Flannel> If I take the app and print it out to read, I should get enough content to know what you're doing (without the details).
19:35 <         Flannel> Does that make sense?  I know I just repeated myself, words aren't coming to me tonight.
19:36 <       DWonderly> more fluid doc
19:36 <         Flannel> Yeah, right now we assault a reader with a million links without context.
19:36 <             rww> Flannel: This basically means that we need summaries of each event on the approval application, right? Or is there something more substantive I'm missing?
19:37 <            fccf> Flannel: so lets take those links 1 by 1 and give cliffnotes of each
19:37 <         Flannel> rww: Of the event and a little of the planning.  It should be a document with links, not a collection of links
19:38 <        Grantbow> for everyone following along, we are talking about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication
19:38 <             rww> Flannel: okay. Are you planning on doing them, or do you need help?
19:39 <         Flannel> I've got something to start with, although as I said earlier, taking the blips from each page didn't even occur to me.  But I think it's something we can all work on.
19:39 <       DWonderly> ill vol time... classes for me dont start till end of oct
19:40 <         Flannel> We shouldn't add ourselves to the agenda after about Friday (the meeting is a week from Tuesday)
19:40 <         Flannel> but I do think this is doable by then.
19:40 <        Grantbow> rww: dragon asked a good question.  I know you have looked at the ones that have already been approved.  Can you give a good example of what we are shooting for?  Whatever standards we are holding ourselves to might be higher than required.
19:41 <             rww> Flannel: Alright. I suggest again that you mail the list if you need more people to work on it, then. My experience with the app so far is that people aren't going to work on it together without repeated prodding :P
19:41 <         Flannel> Grantbow: No one's going to fault us for a wonderful application that's actually readable
19:42 <         Flannel> rww: Hopefully this roomw ill be buzzing with activity over the next week.
19:42 <         Flannel> rww: but yes
19:42 <             rww> Grantbow: I didn't look at them that much, mainly because I couldn't find a reasonable list of approved applications.
19:42 <         Flannel> Let me see if I can dig some up
19:42 <         Flannel> I know I've seen "team approved, application" sorts of hings before... but where...
19:43 <        Grantbow> past agendas maybe?
19:43 <         Flannel> Maybe it was UWN... I'll poke around and find some.
19:44 <             rww> Flannel: And I'd like to echo Grantbow's concern that this really has taken long enough, and that it would be excellent to get it over with this month.
19:44 <             rww> (not criticizing, just supporting my favored deadline)
19:44 <            fccf> I'll be here more, and if I can help I will... If someone wants to send me busywork that I can get done monday or tuesday, I have time both days
19:45 <         Flannel> rww: Aye, I've faultered with a few scheduling things recently due to some personal things taking up my time.
19:46 <        Grantbow> I question whether this app as it is right now isn't good enough.
19:46 <         Flannel> Anyway, I'll reiterate that it'd be awesome (and we need it!) for people to show up next Tuesday
19:46 <          dragon> here's a list of teams that were discussed by the council last year - 4 out of 6 were approved - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda/20080605
19:46 <        Grantbow> dragon: thanks for the link
19:47 <       DWonderly> Grantbow, Flannel, rww: Here is an approved application: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamApprovalApplication
19:48 <        Grantbow> here is Arizona's: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/ApprovalApplication
19:48 <          dragon> here's El Salvador: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ElSalvadorTeam/ApprovalApplication
19:49 <          dragon> here's a REJECTED one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanTeam/ApprovalApplication
19:50 <          dragon> here's another REJECTED one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LithuanianTeam/ApprovalApplication
19:50 <        Grantbow> the app might not be the only reason for rejection
19:51 <          dragon> Grantbow: I agree. We should dig into the Council logs.
19:51 <        Grantbow> We'll need to list our Ubuntu Members on the application as well - right now Neal and Nathan.
19:51 <         Flannel> And erichammond
19:52 <       DWonderly> I was accecpted tonight to membership
19:52 <          dragon> Macedonia team applied for approval once, but forgot to send a representative to the meeting.
19:52 <         Flannel> DWonderly: different kind of membership ;)
19:52 <          dragon> Who's representing our team at the council meeting?
19:52 <       DWonderly> My mind is off LOL
19:52 <        Grantbow> nhaines: the podcast is on there - should it stay on there if wo go ahead with the 15th?
19:52 <         Flannel> dragon: I will be there, but a posse is good too
19:52 <        Grantbow> *we
19:52 <       DWonderly> What time on tues?
19:52 <         Flannel> 7pm
19:53 <       DWonderly> I'll make it
19:53 <        Grantbow> 7pm UTC
19:53 <         Flannel> Nine days from the start of our meeting tonight
19:53 <         Flannel> Er
19:53 <       DWonderly> UTC is....
19:53 <         Flannel> Hmm
19:53 <             rww> midday PDT, if I remember correctly
19:53 <         Flannel> right.
19:53 <       DWonderly> +\-??
19:53 <         Flannel> We are -7 right now, so noon
19:53 <            fccf> cool I'm approved too
19:53 <          dragon> Flannel: I'm sure you can handle it all by yourself.
19:53 <        Grantbow> rww: right, I think it's noon pacific time
19:53 <            fccf> ty neal
19:53 <       DWonderly> Noon? I'll be there
19:54 <          dragon> Flannel: not saying that you should be there alone, lol.
19:54 <            fccf> I'll be there - we got a crew
19:54 <        Grantbow> I'll be there
19:54 <          dragon> I might show up there as well.
19:54 <       DWonderly> I'll be on lunch from work so I'll log in
19:55 <         Flannel> There'll be a reminder email too
19:55 <            fccf> what channel? #ubuntu-meeting??
19:55 <          dragon> Once in 2007, no one showed up from China team, yet they were approved. I wonder why.
19:56 <          dragon> or how.
19:56 <            fccf> china's huge
19:56 <        Grantbow> dragon: interesting factoid
19:56 <            fccf> 1/5 of the world's population lives in china
19:56 <          dragon> fccf: lol
19:56 <          dragon> here's the page for reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda/20081007
19:56 <             rww> fccf: yes, #ubuntu-meeting
19:57 <             rww> Flannel: might be a good idea to throw a webchat.freenode.net link to #ubuntu-meeting into that reminder email.
19:57 <          dragon> oops that China thing wasn't 2007, it was late last year.
19:57 <            fccf> rww: good idea for those who are behind firewalls and such
19:58 <       DWonderly> or use gov computers
19:58 <         Flannel> Alright, it's coming up on eight soon, and a few people have expressed interest in getting done on time for some silly reason, so lets wrap this up.
19:58 <       DWonderly> lol
19:58 <        Grantbow> current agenda for the LoCoCouncil is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda
19:58 <               i> webchat rocks!
19:58 <               i> or does it?
19:58 <         Flannel> Retouching the global jam stuff, we need to weigh our options for the location in the north,
19:59 <         Flannel> but for *everyone*, we need to start (really) thinking about the sorts of things we want to cover
20:00 <         Flannel> Anyone else have anything before we close?
20:00 <             rww> Flannel: any new news on getting control of the IRC channel?
20:01 <         Flannel> Alright, thank you all for coming again, have a fun and safe remainder of your weekend.  Our next meeting is in two weeks, but the LoCo meeting is in a week and a smidge.  Hope to see you all there.

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