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  • State LUG Collaboration: Contact and pooling of resources with the state LUGs to promote events and further Ubuntu as an alternative method of computing using desktop, server, and mobile versions.

    • We have already established a relationship with:
      • Phoenix LUG(plugaz) co host installfests and support server classes

      • ASU LUG participated in events

      • DeVry LUG(Phoenix) Server hosting space by Dlug

      • LUG of Yavapai Hosting there website on our server and attend their meetings

      • Combined A Ubuntu and PLUG Monthly Installfest held at University of Advancing Technology on fourth Saturday of each month. And several local installfests City of Tempe and UofA / Global jam(Tucson) April 2011 and support a monthly server installfest at UAT on the Third Saturday of each month

  • Oneiric Ocelot 11.10 Release & Installfests: Planning for the next Ubuntu release, Oneirick 11.10, using our Natty Narwhal Release Party and Installfest experience to improve our success. Areas to concentrate on include location, advertising(print and radio), and flyer distribution. Oneiric Ocelot Planning Page

    • We have already made contact with ASU LUG. The president of the LUG is in favor of our assistance in there events and plan on using our servers for some test programs. The LUG is located on the Arizona State University campus and can offer a central location, dedicated rooms, hard wired internet, and a large pool of students to attract to the event. This should help make the event(s) larger and more successful.

  • Local Ubuntu Advocacy: Continue to burn and distribute Ubuntu CDs for release parties, installfests, and for team members to distribute to family, friends, neighbors, etc.


  • Team Communication

    • We have maintained our team IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az which we also monitor on a daily basis with our own stat reporting system Team IRC Stats. Recent stats show that in the last 30 days we have had:

      • 52 different participating nicks in our channel
      • Totalled over 200 lines a day on average in our channel
    • We have published our own team newsletter on a weekly basis to help encourage non participating members or members who missed a meeting to keep abreast of the latest LoCo happenings [[

/ArizonaTeam/Newsletters|Team Newsletter]]

  • Currently have Monthly installfest and server installfests and have keep our support of statewide Lugs
  • We keep logs of our weekly meetings Meeting Logs

  • We have maintained our team subforum AZ Team Thread

  • We have maintained our team mailing list Team Mail List Archive

  • We have maintained out team wiki page AZ wiki

  • New Member Support:

    • Education Sub-Team formed to set up resources to help new members make the transition from other operating systems to Ubuntu Education Team

    • AZ Team Forum Sticky about membership: Arizona LoCo Team Info

    • Tucson Meetup

    • Tucson members meet and greet: Tucson meetup

    • Two Installfests in Tucson the last was Apirl 02 2011 and was part of the Global Jam event
    • Our monthly installfest at the University of Advancing Technology attracts 10 members and Installs helps

5-10 new users with cd's install's and training. We currently have 1 portable server to host ISO's and have just added a PXE server to speed up some installs.

  • Team Branding (Designed and approved by team)

    • Team Logo and slogan: Logo/Slogan

    • Team Subpage Header: SubPage Header

    • We encourage all team members to adopt the following signature on the forums to further promote our LoCo. The "ArizonaTeam wiki | Arizona Launchpad | and Membership" are hot links back to the appropriate team pages.

      • signature.png

        • Forums Signature Image
    • We are currently working on a Arizona GNOME theme to offer at release parties and installfests. AZ Team Theme

    • Established a Cafe Press Store to augment the available Ubuntu merchandise available at Canonical. It offers merchandise with our own team branding on it. Cafe Press Store

  • Team Server(Usage donated by:DeVry LUG(Phoenix)

    • Team Server wiki page: Team Server

    • Team Server Pics: Server Info

    • Link to Server: Team Server Link

    • Note:We have recently been given a Dell Poweredge 4600 server in perfect condition for our team use. We will be installing 10.04 on this new/used server and transferring our team web page to it. We will also be using it to educate team members in server technique, to further advocate for Ubuntu, and to help make our LoCo team more visible in the State of Arizona.

  • Ubuntu Members:

    • j.scott.gwin


Arizona Team go go go! These guys are always well prepared at their meetings, hardworking, and have helped me fix more problems than I would care to admit. I HIGHLY recommend them for approval status.

Posingaspopular - Eddie Martinez from the Chicago Ubuntu LoCo Team

LoCo Council Grants AZ Team "Approved Status"

On June 4th, 2008, the Ubuntu LoCo Council met to consider our application, shown above, to become an "Approved Team". In addition to the many team members in attendance, there were also members of other Ubuntu affiliates there to cheer us on. In the end, the council voted unanimously to approve our application. The log of the meeting is posted below your review.

I want to personally thank every team member for their hard work and dedication. This could not have been possible you! JohnCrawford

Lo``Co Council Meeting Log

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