Ubuntu California is a group of volunteers who advocate and promote Ubuntu and Free Software in California. We attend and plan events statewide, contact and work with LUGs and other local groups, and act as the public face of the Ubuntu community in California. The group is open to everybody in the state with an interest in spreading and discussing Ubuntu.

Key Details




Upcoming Events

We host monthly Ubuntu Hours across the state, see for a list of upcoming events.

We also host bi-weekly meetings in #ubuntu-us-ca


  • Participate in Ubucon at SCaLE in 2014

  • Host Ubuntu Booth at SCaLE in 2014

  • Host at least one release party for 13.10 and begin planning state-wide release parties for 14.04 LTS
  • Participate in UbuntuGlobalJam again


See our Events History or Team Reports for details.

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