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Introduction to The Kootenay Ubuntu Users Group

The Kootenay Team's purpose and community role are as follows...

* To introduce people to Ubuntu and inform them about its merits and many applications
* To make Ubuntu-run computers affordable to people, by either updating their old Windows-based ones and installing Ubuntu, or building them a brand new one running Ubuntu (or duel boot with Windows if they wish)
* To show that Ubuntu is an excellent alternative computer Operating System that can be used as a replacement to Windows

Team Members Introductions

* : Promotions
* John Papineau: Computer Technician & Manufacturer
* :

Welcome to Ubuntu Kootenay Technical Support and more

clik Here >>> Help

Ubuntu Kootenay Participants

The Ubuntu enthusiasts in the beautiful Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada, welcome you!

Our group offers help and support to Ubuntu users in the region. The towns of Nelson and Castlegar are quickly becoming hot spots of Ubuntu activity with many recent converts and installs. Kootenay Ubuntu is affiliated with the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo, adding strength in installation and support activities to Vancouver's marketing muscle.

Ubuntu Kootenay was launched in May 2009.


For questions about Ubuntu Kootenay please contact our group's Founder: John Papineau.


Ubuntu Help

This section will be updated as new Ubuntu Hardware information is found.
Compatible notebook List

Travelmate 5610
work with Ubuntu 9.04
what work:
everything works fine

Compatible Desktop List

Compatible Hardware List

How to Contribute

Easy ways to contribute To Ubuntu Projects is to look under team's project list and email me at the address below

Other ways you can contribute by recycling

* By donating your old, or nearly dead machines you help us make computers more affordable to everyone. First we erase all old data to ensure privacy. Before breathing new life into them with the smaller and more efficient Ubuntu Operating System, we strip them down and repair or upgrade them as needed. All parts and components are tested and re-tested before being reformatted and Ubuntu is installed. Tests, tests and more tests are performed on the reborn machine before we pass it along to another happy new Ubuntuer!

* Donated dead computers or notebooks can be disassembled and used for parts to make repairs on other computers

Other computer devices that can be donated even if they are damaged or dead...

* Ipods
* Notebooks
* Mp3 players
* Computers & Laptops
* Cellular phones
* Mac computers
* Digital cameras

Please contact our group's Founder: John Papineau to get involved in Ubuntu Kootenay, or use the link http://members.shaw.ca/j_lp/Welcome_.html for more info


team's List Projects

* Working with Nvidia video test list compatibility
* Working to promote Ubuntu to business and locals around the Kootenays
* Working on getting an official Ubuntu Compatible label to put on compatible Ubuntu hardware


We offer support to Ubuntu users (and those that want to be Ubuntu users) in the Kootenay Region of BC.

If you are new to Ubuntu or the concept of free software, we suggest that you begin by reading the Wikipedia entry for Ubuntu.

Team Reports

Ubuntu Kootenay's Team Reporting Page is a concise summary of our activities. It is used to report our major accomplishments out to the global Ubuntu community. If you have attended our meetings you will likely already know what these are. If you have contributed to the Ubuntu community and you live in/around the Kootenay region of BC, please feel free to send us a note and we'll get your accomplishment(s) on the list too.


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