The Moncton chapter of the Ubuntu Canada team in collaboration with the MonctonLUG bring you the following:


  • To co-ordinate the promotion of, and build a presence for Ubuntu in Moncton
  • To facilitate real choice in one's use of technology as a tool owned by humans
  • To make computers accessible to all, overcoming economics and other barriers
  • To allow Ubuntu users to meet and support each other
  • To bring a sense of teamwork and accomplishment to our collective actions
  • To encourage and support new users

Get Involved

Getting involved is simple. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about sharing the joy of Ubuntu, then please, we invite you to join us on IRC or the Ubuntu Canada mailing list and share your ideas with us.


Meeting Information

The Moncton Chapter is just starting out in collaboration with MonctonLUG. We Currently do not have any planned meetings.


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