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Congratulations! You've found the official site
of the Ubuntu Vancouver Local Community.


Our goal is to be the largest, most successful and respected Ubuntu community in the world. You can help make that happen.

Ubuntu Vancouver was founded in April 2008 with the original goal of organizing a Hardy Heron Release Party. Since then we have decided to do much, much more:

  • Advocate - Raise awareness about Ubuntu and promote its adoption all over Vancouver
  • Offer Support - Make the Ubuntu experience the best that it can be for residents of the Vancouver community
  • Develop - Gather the best artists, programmers, translators, documenters, and Ubuntu enthusiasts to make Ubuntu the most compelling system anywhere!
  • Educate - Give presentations and classes about Ubuntu
  • Party - Whenever we can find an excuse (which is often)


Would you like to join the group? We have an official membership site at: Please sign up there! It's free and easy. When you join the group you will have access to a wide range of events and activities. Be part of the fun!

All members are strongly encouraged to join our mailing list by clicking here. To post a message to our official email list Click this link.

There's a (more technical) team page on (the main site where Ubuntu teams gather to tackle projects): Join us there if you would like to report/work on bugs/projects/blueprints with us!

We are also on (It's like Twitter but better.)
Though it's not strictly necessary, you are encouraged to get an account (it's free) and follow !ubuntuvancouver updates and breaking news.

Other places:
We don't conduct any real business or activities on these sites, but we do use them to help people find us.

Tell your children, parents, friends, co-workers, and anyone else you know!

For General Questions about Ubuntu Vancouver please email Randall Ross, our Buzz Generator and Community Manager or Kim Kulak, our Fearless Founder.

For Media and Press Inquiries about Ubuntu Vancouver please email Randall Ross, our Buzz Generator.

How to Contribute

Join our mailing list. Come to a meeting. Everyone is welcome.

Between meetings, tell everyone you know about us. Spread the word.

Generate real BUZZ by helping our Marketing team. Email Randall (our Buzz Generator) for more information about how you can help Ubuntu Vancouver Evangelism Advocacy & Marketing (uvEAM). The uVEAM page is here.

Need Help With Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Vancouver strives to offer support to residents of Vancouver (and surrounding areas) who are having difficulties with Ubuntu. Support is volunteer-based, best-effort, and without warranty. Please visit our Support Page for more information

Next General Meeting

We have many events and meetings every month! Check our meetup site at

Our next general meeting will be in May, sometime during the last week of the month More information will be posted here: Monthly General Meeting (May 2010)
Please remember to join meetup and RSVP if you're intending to join us.

Other Future Events

We are in the process of scheduling many interesting outings and social events. Please check the page for our full calendar.

Also we are in full swing with regular meetings under the theme SupportSaturdays. Please check the wiki page for more information on our process.


This page is a great place to start if you're looking for links and information that have been hand-selected by Ubuntu Vancouver experts. There's a lot of other great resources on our page too, so join and take a look!

If you are new to Ubuntu or the concept of free software, we suggest that you begin by reading the Wikipedia entry for Ubuntu.

Past Meetings and Events




Team Reports

Ubuntu Vancouver's Team Reporting Page is a concise summary of our activities. It is used to report our major accomplishments out to the global Ubuntu community. If you have attended our meetings and followed our mailing list you will likely already know what these are. If you have contributed to the Ubuntu community and you live in/around Vancouver BC, please feel free to send us a note and we'll get your accomplishment(s) on the list too.


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