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I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. I speak Spanish (native), Portuguese (intermediate) and English (basic). I study PC repair and maintenance professional. I am part of the Ubuntu Community Council Uruguay in the period 2012-to the present,Ubuntu Member, Free Software Advocate, I started using Ubuntu Linux version 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on the recommendation of a friend and tried other distributions: Mint, Knoppix, Kubuntu, Puppy , Backtrack, Elementary and Bodhi. I migrated completely to get the version 9.10 (Jaunty Jackalope) and currently use a distro Ubuntu 12.04 Raring Ringtail with UNITY desktop. I have a blog which published information about Ubuntu, called ubuntisimo.

My Goals:

* Respect the Code of Conduct of the communities.

* Help the community Ubuntu Uruguay <> and the global community.

* Contribute to the development of Ubuntu Linux using reports.

* Assist users with problems on Linux Ubuntu.

* Make contributions to the community through activities in Launchpad.

* Spread the use of Free Software.

Contributions: in Launchpad: I had made: Summary of meetings in channel #ubuntu-uy on FreeNode Meeting summary UbuConLA organization Summary of meetings in channel #ubuntu-uy on FreeNode Meeting summary UbuConLA organization

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Carlos is a very good example of what it means to be and act as an Ubuntu Member. Always well disposed, collaborative, respectful, makes good valued contributions in each intervention. An excellent representative of the Ubuntu Community. Guillermo Lisi

Carlos has been for few years a good contributor in our community, helping people with their computers, installing new ones, helping in irc channel and in events we make here in Uruguay about Ubuntu such as ubuconla, releases, freedomdays and flisol. [magu42]

Carlos has been an active member of the Uruguay LoCo for quite a while now, he seems to be ready to help wherever needed, understands well the spirit of the community and is overall a nice guy. Martin Albisetti

Carlos is a important part in the community. Is a hard worker and a very good partner in every thing thats has involved. I support Carlos to become an Ubuntu Member - Daniel Mato

CarlosNeyPastor is an active contributor of the Uruguay LOCO for several years so far, very good contributions from he and his team. Juancarlospaco

I testified! Carlos is an amazing member and he loves to work on the Ubuntu Community especially in Uruguay (his country) and Argentina. He will be a great Ubuntu Member - SergioMeneses

Carlos is a "Ubuntero" very cooperative in the community. Excellent and very helpful person. Keep going friend - Naudy Villarroel Urquiola

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