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About Me

Hi, i'm from Uruguay, non linear video editor at work, and an active member of the Ubuntu-UY community since 05/05/2006 - http://ubuntu.org.uy/

I'm member of the Ubuntu Uruguay Community Council and member of the Educational team.

I've started with gnu/linux with knoppix as an experiment, i'm user of Ubuntu since Edgy Eft, nowadays i'm still using only Ubuntu as my personal sistem.

My Goals

  • Keep giving support in Ubuntu community.
  • Contribute in the development of Ubuntu
  • Contribute en the development of teaching tools for education in audio and video edition and composition.
  • Contribute on the creation of manuals and tutorials in spanish.

Team member of

Ubuntu community contributions



I met Daniel a few years ago when he joined the Uruguay LoCo team, and since that time he has shown everything it takes to be a key part of the community, working hard and always trying to bring solutions instead of problems. He is just one of those guys you want to meet when you are a new user, helping you in every way he can. This is why I support Daniel to become an Ubuntu Member. Pablo Rubianes

Ubuntu I testify!! Daniel is an awesome member of Ubuntu Uruguay, I saw his contributions to his team and how he works, he is also an wonderful person, in my opinion he will be an excellent UbuntuMember and I take this chance for saying he is working very hard with the UbuConLA 2013. SergioMeneses

I met Daniel when we organize UbuconLA 2012 and proved to be a reliable person, with a great positive energy and optimism, always colaborating to get things done. I support his membership! Eduardo Zúñiga

I met Daniel at a ceremony to launch Ubuntu, always ready and working hard to help, providing solutions for users and the Ubuntu Team Uruguay. That's why support for Daniel to become an Ubuntu Member. CarlosNeyPastor - Ubuntu-uy Community Council


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