Chris Wayne

Contact Info

About Me

  • Used Ubuntu since Gutsy
  • Work as QA Engineer in Canonical
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern University in 2011

Summary of Contributions to Ubuntu

  • 2+ years of performing QA on systems pre-installed with Ubuntu (Dell, Lenovo)
  • Reaching out to community developers to help with getting apps in Software Center
  • Providing support to newer users (reddit, irc)

Full Contributions

My main contributions have come in the form of Quality Assurance and Hardware Enablement on pre-installed platforms, as well as aiding in the Certification team. Through this, we have shipped millions of Dell and Lenovo systems installed with Ubuntu all over the world.

  • These effors include:
    • Testing pre-installed versions of Ubuntu
    • Logging bugs
    • Testing fixes from developers
    • Helping ODMs to improve BIOS performance
    • Running checkbox on systems
    • Writing automated test cases for checkbox
    • Adding relevant manual cases into checkbox

I have been an advocate of Ubuntu for several years now. This includes talking to people over IRC and helping them with Ubuntu related questions (often even in unrelated places, such as #webos). I get users in touch with the right people within Canonical if they need help (e.g someone looking for help with JuJu, sent them to Jorge). I also participate on AskUbuntu, and try to answer technical support questions on Reddit. I have also reached out to several developers in trying to get their software into the Software Center (especially lenses/scopes).

I always use Ubuntu+1 so that I can log bugs as they find them, and was an early adopter of Unity, having logged several bugs for Unity in 10.10.

I have also begun working on merging some patches into Xpresser, a tool that is used to write automated tests for GUI's.

I've also packaged several different projects, including xpresser and the google plus python api, which can be found in my PPA's

Future Plans

  • Learn more programming skills to be able to submit patches
  • Continue logging bugs
  • Continue to QA pre-installed systems
  • Become more directly involved in the Community (perhaps re-start a Boston Area LoCo?)


  • invalidopcode: Chris Wayne is an active member of the #webos community and does a great job of supporting Ubuntu within the community
  • fader: cwayne does a great job in testing hardware with Ubuntu and making sure that bugs get followed up on appropriately. He also is very active in the larger community, providing information about and help with Ubuntu on many online fora. He's a team player and fun to work with, and I heartily recommend him for Ubuntu membership. (And he didn't even bribe me with a beer to say this!)

  • Davmor2: Chris is the kind of person who will offer advice on tools and projects that might help you when you are stuck. He is more than happy to look at issues I've presented him with and try to find a way to resolve them. He is a laugh, he is a knowledgable and this knowledge would be a great asset to the whole community, I think he would make a great member.

  • ManojIyer (Ubuntu member, Kernel team - Hardware Enablement): I started working with Chris Wayne on some of our high visibility projects since the 10.04 cycle. Some of our pre-install platform vendors have had great success with 10.04 and 10.10 releases in Asia, Chris continues to be at the heart and soul of Quality Assurance on these pre-installed system. Chris is an early adopter of Ubuntu and an avid Ubuntu advocate, his participation in community efforts to help users with technical issues has been outstanding. Chris is truly and asset to our community.

  • MarcTardif: Outside of Canonical, I'm continuously impressed by people who find the time to contribute to the community in addition to their already busy schedule. Chris Wayne happens to be one of those people who does a lot of advocacy for Ubuntu in various communities. First, he helps people with Ubuntu in the WebOS community. Second, he is active on reddit and irc where he usually hangs out in #ubuntu-testing. Third, he is starting to build a reputation on askubuntu where he already several questions. These contributions fit the profile of a true Ubuntu Member.

  • -- jorge 2012-02-07 18:24:07 - +1 Chris is a great example of someone who works at Canonical that participates in the community even though it's not a requirement of his job; he does it because he cares. Some areas where I think you could make a huge impact: Right now it's difficult for community members to understand the kind of work that is necessary to ship Ubuntu on preshipped machines, it would be great to hear more things on Ubuntu news channels on the things you all accomplish on the OEM team and how it helps Ubuntu.

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