Colorado Team Reports

This is the mother ship for all the Colorado Team reports. The most recent report:

* End of Summer Meeting August 26- Discussed Ubuntu Global Jam for September 14 and Utopic Release Party proposed for after Halloween with a Saturday preference. System76chick to poll remaining team members through mailing list for additional feedback.

* CD Distribution- All CDS received by Canonical have been distributed in Colorado by a handful of volunteers at various events in Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins and Denver

* Completed 14.04 Handout for new Ubuntu users and submitted to SpreadUbuntu for other Loco teams to use.

* Completed Team Logo update- system76chick

* Diane Leikvold from Longmont managed the Ubuntu booth at Back to School night with dozens of install CDs and the 14.04 handouts we made at our previous meeting.



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