September 2008 Team Reports

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Community Council

  • Meeting Sep 3rd:
    • Discussion between MarkShuttleworth and thorwil about art guidelines for the 8.10 cycle.

Ubuntu Development Teams


MOTU Council

  • We're very pleased to announce that Devid Antonio Filoni just joined the MOTU team. After months of hard work and good feedback from his peers, we're glad he now is part of the team.
  • You can refer to Fabien Tassin as a MOTU now. His application was just approved; his track record of excellent work on Mozilla related packages spoke for him.

  • The MOTU Council just approved Iulian Udrea's application as a Universe Contributor. He spent quite some time making Ubuntu better and has learned a lot in the last weeks and months.

  • Thierry Carrez (Koon) just joined the Universe Contributors team. He put a lot of good work into several areas in the Server Team and the feedback of his sponsors was great.

  • MC Meeting, 2008-09-03:
    • Open applications: Harald Sitter, Mario Limonciello (core-dev), Devid Antonio Filoni, Fabien Tassin (motu), Thierry Carrez, Iulian Udrea (Ubuntu universe contributors)
    • The libgems-ruby issue: MC agreed to ask the motu-release team for proposal for their charter and also for a proposal for a process for resolving conflicts with motu-release goals.
  • MC Meeting, 2008-09-10
    • Open applications: Mario Limonciello, Harald Sitter (core-dev), Michael Casadevall (universe-contributor), Romain Francoice (emacs-snapshot upload rights)
  • We're pleased to let you know that Michael Casadevall just joined the Universe Contributors team. He has done great work, everybody was happy with his work, so please give him a warm welcome to team.

  • The MOTU Council recommended Mario Limonciello (superm1) for ubuntu-core-dev membership.
  • MC Meeting, 2008-09-24
    • Open Applications:
      • MOTU: Guillaume Martres (smarter), James Westby (james_w)
      • Universe Contributor: Andrew Starr-Bochicchio (asomething)
      • Core-Dev: Harald Sitter (apachelogger)
    • Discussion about improving the application process.
  • We're very pleased to announce that James Westby just became MOTU. Some of you might know him from his work in the bzr project, some for his great work on coordinating MOTU School, some for the fixes he worked on and others might just know him as the helpful guy who gave you the right answer.


  • GNOME has been updated to the new version 2.23.91, 2.23.91, 2.24.0
  • A Lighter theme has been set as default. Packaging bugs are known and already fixed, hopefully. (kwwii)
  • A Community Themes package was created and includes 3 themes; New Wave, Dust, and Kin.
  • First time successfully logged in using in-development face-browser/login-experience. (MacSlow)


  • Lots of bug triage catch up.
  • Added back in support for proprietary drivers using new DKMS methods in Ubiquity
  • FFmpeg merge that provides better HD support
  • Introduced a testing PPA for users to test new features prior to headed into the archive. Particularly useful for choosing things that might go in for an FFe.
  • Introduced mythbuntu-log-grabber, a support tool for gathering relevant data when helping someone in the forums, IRC, or on a bug.

Server Team

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Catalan Team

  • We had our usual meeting on irc on September 1st, basicaly to talk about next release party.
  • First Freevial workshop. Freevial is a free computer game clone of Trivial Pursuit. The event was covered by a local TV.

  • Helping with local Software Freedom Day in Barcelona. Lot of LoCo presence too. Some photos.

Colombian Team

  • With the intention to make frequently hacklabs, the Hacklabs project was created. Whit this project, we hope to learn among all about different topics of open software and Ubuntu Linux.

  • The first Ubuntu Colombia hacklab took place in Bogotá D.C, Colombia. This consisted in a training on the basic concepts of BASH, VI and NANO. Photo Gallery

  • The second Ubuntu Colombia hacklab took place in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, Colombia. The topic of this was the same of the first hacklab. Photo Gallery

  • The Web Page project was reactivated Ubuntu Colombia

  • A third hacklab was done in the Tecnouniversitec University. The target of this, was install GNU/Linux on computers with low resources. Photo Gallery

  • It has made an Facebook API for all Ubuntu Colombia users in this social network.

German Team

Irish Team

Italian Team

  • On the 27th of September, the Italian LoCo Team is holding, in Cesenatico, its second meeting, an occasion for all the active people in the community to gather together, discuss about Ubuntu, the Italian community and its future, FLOSS in general and to have fun!
    For more information see:

Japanese Team

  • Debian-Ubuntu BoF was held by Japanese Team and Debian JP Project on Japan Linux Conference 2008 (odp file for presentation)

  • Dell announced about they will ship Inspiron Mini 9 with Ubuntu 8.04 pre-installed. In Japanese UMPC market, Inspiron Mini 9 will be first Ubuntu pre-installed product.

South African Team

  • JonathanCarter joined MorganCollett in co-leading the team when Craig Adams stepped down.

  • ubuntu-za started using its launchpad team to track membership.

Tunisian Team

  • Third IRC Loco Team regular meeting.
    • Reflexions about ubuntu-tn future as a tunisian legal entity.
    • Preparations for the team to participate in the SFD Tunisia 2008.
    • Work status on our web site.
    • Election of a new member to ubuntu-tn management committee.
  • Reception of the Hardy Loco Pack to be distributed during the SFD Tunisia 2008.

Tamil Team

Venezuela Team

  • Software Freedom Day Celebrations in two locations Paraguaná Maracaibo

  • We have been starting to plan a possible release party among the most active members of our team, and a internal meeting to prepare our projects for the next months

US Colorado Team

This is an update for the Colorado Ubuntu Linux Team for the whole summer.

US New Mexico Team

Weekly IRC meetings have been going on as scheduled. Getting ready to ramp back up the EPC project now that summer is over.

Notable September News:

  • 09/25/2008 - Added our team to the Intrepid Release Party page.

  • 09/20/2008 - Software Freedom Day was today at the University of New Mexico's Student Union Building check out pictures on our project page.

  • 09/15/2008 - Day after Albuquerque BarCamp3 New Mexico LoCo Members David Thomas and Adam Thomas Presented at this years Albuquerque Bar Camp 3. A 2 day event focusing on Web Technologies and other new media.

  • 09/11/2008 - We have our location for Software Freedom Day 2008:

University of New Mexico's Student Union Building Sandia Room, Upper deck
Saturday, September 20th, 2008 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Click here for a map to the location. Huge thanks to member Eric Krieger For securing the room for us.

  • 09/10/2008 - David Thomas New Mexico LoCo member received his Ubuntu membership last night.

  • 09/07/2008 - Dinner last night with members of the New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo. We had the privilege to meet Kurt von Fink senior support analyst from Canonical (The folks behind Ubuntu) and his lovely wife.

US Ohio Team

The major thing? Planning for Ohio LinuxFest on October 11, arguably one of the biggest Linux events of the year.

  • Booth arranged and confirmed for OLF. Fully staffed!
  • Vanilla/plain Ubuntu laptops from System 76 will be provided to demo
  • All supplies accounted for! (Thanks to those at Canonical, you know who you are. Smile :) )

    • Shirts, Lanyards
    • Stickers, Case labels
    • CDs, Flyers, etc
  • Will be meeting LoCo teams from neighboring states

  • Team membership has skyrocketed recently

US Georgia Team

  • Held the Atlanta Linux Fest 2008 at the IBM Hillside Conference center. The event had more than 100 attendees, and included free swag, giveaways, and presentations. This event was held on September 20th, Software Freedom Day.

Nicaraguan Team

  • At September 20th all nicaraguan LUGs (including of course Nicaragua LoCo Team) celebrate the Software Freedom Day with over 1,000 people asistance. This event had 4 different areas: Conferences, Installation, Games and Workshops. Photos Here

  • Translation Sprint
  • CGSOL asistance
  • BarCamp 1.5

Full Circle Magazine

  • FCM#16 was released on August 29th with 15,000 downloads thus far.
  • FCM#17 will be released this Friday, 26th September.
  • A member of Ubuntu Forums (deicidist) is in the process of creating a PDF of the entire Scribus series of articles. From there he will compile a PDF of the Server and, soon to be complete, GIMP series.
  • FCM#15 Chinese Simplified (and Traditional) and #15 Hungarian online. Also #14 Italian.
  • Our site counters tell us that almost one MILLION issues of FCM have been downloaded since April '07! That's all issues, and all translations. Thank you to everyone involved in creating, translating and distributing FCM!

Arizona Team

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