March 2008 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Development Teams


  • NEW Packages: libksane.
  • Mentoring: The situation for mentoring is not excellent, due to the chronic lack of available mentors. We have about 7 active mentors and about 8 active mentees. Since the beginning of the year we have received 10 requests for mentoring, all had to be queued up but one.
  • MOTU School: 2 sessions organised as part of Developer Week. One session scheduled for 25th March. There is a lack of other people offering to present sessions, and I do not feel comfortable presenting many sessions myself.
  • MOTU SWAT: Kept up our usual flow of fixes to previous releases. I (Fujitsu) have also been updating the hundreds of open universe issues in ubuntu-cve-tracker, with the goal of being able to give Hardy reliable and complete security support. We've only around 3 people working on updates; we really, really need more!
  • Launchpad Liaison: 21 open motu bugs mostly in soyuz (6) and malone (14) in the bug list. So far there have been 17 motu bugs fixed (2 additional with next rollout). Relevant bugs being fixed in the next rollout (March 23rd): #141540, #136413, #4593, #191217. If you would like to add a bug to the motu list or have suggestions for making Launchpad more functional for MOTU please contact Jordan Mantha (LaserJock).

Full Circle Magazine

  • Full Circle Podcast #1 finally released. Comments mostly positive, Matt is working on ironing out any remaining quirks.
  • Full Circle Magazine #10 released and doing well. Over 22,400 downloads in just three weeks.
  • FCM #11 almost complete, preview will be released to Marketing Team by Mon 23rd March.
  • FCM #12 is our first anniversary and I (Ronnie) have written an article detailing how FCM got started and included statistics on downloads and readership done using Google Analytics.
  • New French translation team working on #10
  • From #12 onwards, regular contributors are required to submit a short 30 word bio which should not contain any business promo's/URL's
  • We now have several dozen proof-readers working on removing spelingk mistooks Wink ;) from our articles wiki.

  • We are planning a Gameathon where the community selects an open source, online, game and we have monthly and yearly winners. It's really just a lame excuse for us all to play more games.
  • FCM #9 Italian is up. As is #9 in Chinese.

Mobile Team

  • Modified Open Office to be able to export documents to PDF from the command line. The reason behind this is to allow evince to view MS Office documents. This will enable reading of MS Office document files. The patch converts whatever OO can read, converts it to a PDF and launches evince pointing to the resulting file. The conversion time is amazingly fast so it's quite a nice solution. We created a small launcher application called "treb" (short for trebuchet) that is basically an openfile-type dialog that will let the user select a file and will automatically filter it using Open Office and pass it to be read by Evince. There were also some discussions about adding finger scroll support to Evince , browser dialogs and preference window using the Moko library
  • Firefox 3.0 beta2 chinese language pack was patched and made to work with Midbrowser and we added all the internationalization support back into moblin-applets and enabled mobile-basic-flash to display multi-language icon texts. Language issues on mobile are summarised here

  • We prepared elisa (a project to create an open source media center solution for GNU/Linux) packages which will need testing
  • The UME control panel was documented and a sample applet is being created to demonstrate best practice.

  • We discovered that changing kernel configure options could let Moblin kernel boot faster. Setting "no" to CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FD and CONFIG_ISAPNP could save as many as 3 seconds!!! We also saved another 6 seconds for normal boot by removing some "unnecessary" services and moving some services to be started after hildon desktop is launched. We removed the services pcmciautils and mountkernfs. The postponed services are IUSBC and Bluetooth
  • A need for additional documentation was identified for the tarball release + ppa upload process, the patch addition process and bug tagging process.

A more comprehensive weekly report can be found here

Server Team

Desktop Team

  • Added two gtk themes for testing. Neither use the Ubuntulooks engine; One is based on Clearlooks and the other (currently set to default) uses Murrine.
  • Jockey now correctly configures the fglrx driver for ATi cards, including working with compiz (pitti)
  • Laptop battery handling should behave itself again (pitti)
  • Prepared a new 'bug-kill-o-zap' hal upload; widespread testing and feedback heavily appreciated!

  • Successful upgrade from gutsy to hardy with ~5300 packages.
  • Lots of testing/fixing for dapper->hardy upgrades.

Ubuntu Studio

  • Artwork completed.
  • Continue testing and fixing bugs.
  • Working on release notes.
  • Reading website updates for release.


Xubuntu team report for March 2008


  • Artwork completed and uploaded.


  • An important Xubuntu community meeting took place on March 26th where an initial Xubuntu mission statement was agreed upon.

  • Cody Somerville (CodySomerville) was appointed the new Xubuntu team leader.

  • Cody Somerville (CodySomerville) was tasked with developing a strategy document for Xubuntu that describes how Xubuntu will go about achieving its goals.

  • Jim Campbell (j1mc) joined the Xubuntu Team.


  • Documentation was completed and uploaded.
  • Translation efforts are underway.
  • Work has begun on a total revamp of the Xubuntu wiki.


Packaging & Development

  • A new upstream version of gnumerics with lots of bug fixes was merged and uploaded.
  • New upstream version of xfce4-clipman-plugin synced.
  • was successfully unseeded and is no longer shipped on Xubuntu cds.
  • A number of merges and syncs from debian.


  • Xubuntu 8.04 Beta desktop i386 and destkop amd64 were tested and released.
  • Xubuntu 8.04 Beta alternative i386 and alternative amd64 are due to be released on March 27th due to a bug.


  • The website team has nothing new to report this month. However, if anyone is interested in redoing the Xubuntu website for Hardy, please contact Cody Somerville (CodySomerville).


  • LIRC bug triage
  • Beta release
  • Create FAQ for users to see


  • Released 8.04 Beta
  • Uploaded docs package - ready for translations
  • Hug Days - Konqueror, KNetworkManager, and Amarok

  • Most of the Kubuntu KDE 4 default settings sent upstream
  • Guidance fixes
    • Powermanager brightness
    • Displayconfig doesn't crash if current display size/refresh rate can't be fetched
    • Powermanager uses new hal keys
    • Powermanager checks to being a unique app
    • Powermanager listens for HAL button events and issues dcop calls to guidance-power-manager
  • Kaffeine install-codecs script now written in Python
  • KHelpCenter 3.5.9 patched so htdig works with the correct directory

  • Kubuntu now warns about low disk space

Ubuntu Documentation Team

  • Kubuntu documentation complete and uploaded for translations
  • Kubuntu Firefox startpage received a decent amount of new translations
  • Translation templates generated and uploaded to bzr for the Ubuntu documentation (now string-frozen)
  • Lots of bug-fixing!
  • Welcome to the new documentation mentoring students who joined us this month
  • Milo Casagrande and Andrew Stabeno have nearly finished writing the documentation for Brasero (upstream), and members of the Doc Team have started writing for another upstream project (Empathy) under Milo's mentorship

Wine Team

  • Wine 0.9.58 will be the version in Hardy, as 0.9.59 comes out a day after full freeze
  • Wine's built in Tahoma (and other) fonts should support glyphs from most languages now. If a language is still missing, there is still time to fix it for Hardy. Please report it here:

  • We are looking for testers for Wine on the lpia arch. So far all we know is that it compiles.
  • Upstream work on Console Configuration has started so in the future we will be able to configure Wine from new GUI tools such as a gnome applet.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Japanese Team

  • The Japanese Team attended the "Open Source Conference 2008 Tokyo/Spring" on Feb 29 - Mar 1st as an exhibitor.

    • The Booth had over two hundred visitors. We distributed Ubuntu CDs, original leaflets, and displayed an original poster.
    • A seminar was led by Fumihito YOSHIDA on using Ubuntu on the Eee PC. The slides are available(here) as an OO.o Presentation file.

  • Defined the process(link) by which new members can join the team, based on the Ubuntu Membership process used by the Community Council.

  • Emmet HIKORY joined the Japanese LoCo Team as a first application under the new process.

  • Started serialisation of "How to cultivate Ubuntu" by Jun KOBAYASHI on Nikkei Linux(link) (Japanese Magazine for Linux).

  • Defined a revision naming scheme for packages in the Japanese local repository. Packages where incompatible localisation is required will carry an additional revision suffix of "jaN" (N is 1,2,3...).

Ubuntu Nicaragua

US LoCo Teams Project

  • The US Teams has it's second social meet n' greet on March 13, 2008. Logs are the meeting log for March 13, 2008.
  • The US Teams Project held a Meeting on March 13th in the form of a social meet n' greet.

  • The next Meeting tbd.

  • State & City LoCo Teams

    • 55
  • Approved State LoCo Teams

    • 13
  • State LoCo Teams

    • 45
  • Approved City Teams
    • 2
  • City LoCo Teams

    • 9

US Colorado Team

US Florida Team

  • The FloridaTeam is currently planning to Party Hardy Awesome! B) on the day Hardy is released and/or a few days to follow. At the moment we have plans for two parties: Orlando and Miami.

  • The FloridaTeam is gearing up to represent at and attend Barcamp Orlando FloridaTeam/BarcampOrlando Barcamp Orlando. There will be a day for Developers and another for New Media. The FloridaTeam will also have a F2F Meeting after the Developer day Awesome B-)

  • The FloridaTeam will be representing on March 26, 2008 for Document Freedom Day in Orlando. GavinBaker will be putting the event together.

  • The Floria Team held a Meeting on March 16th. The next Florida Team Meeting will be March 30th @ 8 pm EST.

US Maryland Team

Tamil Team

  • KDE 4.1 Translations going on Upstream

  • Last Sunday of every month dedicated for beginners who wish to migrate to GNU/ Linux. This will be held at NRCFOSS with Ubuntu as base Operating System. Last month this event took place for two days each. This month it will be on 30 March.

  • Special Training on Indroduction to GNU/ Linux given to Women Development Group at NRCFOSS on 22 March 2008.

Georgia US Team

  • InstallFest planning - A date and location have been set for the Hardy InstallFest, and we are lining up presentations.

  • Face 2 Face Meeting - We held our March F2F Meeting on the 8th in Sandy Springs.
  • Release Party - We will be having a release party for Hardy Heron, and are planning the location and time.

South African Team

  • Started monthly themes of participation over six months - namely education, small business, software development, system administrators, spreading Ubuntu in South Africa, and translations. Each month we will identify the issues in ZA in that topic, and see what we as a community can contribute.

  • As part of these Monthly Themes, March is MonthOfEducation - see there for items discussed.

Jordan Team

Chilean Team

  • During this month we were working on our participation at Flisol (April 26th) and our second LoCo meeting called Junta Ubuntera (April 12th).

  • Our forums team added a new administrator: Elkan76, based on his commitment and awesome work. Congratulations!

  • Miguel Ruiz was the responsible to obtain support for our future events. A conference pack and a special Gutsy Gibbon pack were sent. Thanks to Marilize and the Shipit team for their great work.
  • Carl Richell from System76 sent us more "Powered by Ubuntu" stickers to spread the word about Ubuntu.

Ecuador Team

  • IRC meeting march 8th 2008. See Details and Agenda.

  • We keep working towards FLISOL with people from the Team in many places where the event takes place. We are working in a how-to to create a local installation mirror and working together with the local and national organizers of the event.

  • Software Freedom Day celebrated by several members of the team. We worked also in difusion prior to the event and the Ecuadorian wiki page.

  • We have now 12 distribution points for Ubuntu CDs nationwide. For the FLISOL we have got CDs y stickers. Thanks go to Canonical, System76 and Jorge Alvarez!

  • Approval for our team is up next. Jono will by next week get an e-mail on that.

US New Mexico Team

  • We continue to have weekly IRC meetings and once a month face to face meetings

  • March 21st installed OpenNAS install at the EPC EPC Project

  • March 16th How cool the New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo gets mentioned in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 82 read it here

  • March 15th installed OpenDNS for our EPC Project

  • February 24th InstallFest at the EPC: Well what can I say it went pretty good, We were able to get 6 PC's up and running with Ubuntu in the EPC computer lab, as well as install a 48 port switch and do new cable runs. If you want a more detailed information please visit the EPC Project Page.

  • February 21ed New Mexico Ubuntu Member Eric Krieger gets official Ubuntu Member Status.
  • February 15th Protonchris, the guy behind our Website project, has created a great #ubuntu-us-nm IRC stats page. It's worth a look: #ubuntu-us-nm @ Freenode stats

  • February 8th Helped (Well Eric did anyway) with a furniture run for EPC

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