Review of previous action items

The discussion about "Review of previous action items" started at 19:27.

  • stgraber to add the new DMB members, update the IRC bot, wiki, mailing-list subscriptions, IRC ACLs, ...
    • This was all done, except updating the DMB-ping. Robert Wall was updating the DMB-ping when we discussed this action item.

Xubuntu packageset/MOTU application from Jackson Doak

The discussion about "Xubuntu packageset/MOTU application from Jackson Doak" started at 19:32.

  • LINK:

  • Vote: Should Jackson Doak become MOTU?

    • Motion denied (For/Against/Abstained 1/3/0)
  • Vote: Should Jackson Doak get upload rights to the Xubuntu packageset?

    • Motion denied (For/Against/Abstained 1/1/2)
  • Vote: Should Jackson Doak get upload rights for catfish, gthumb, parole, and mugshot?

    • Motion carried (For/Against/Abstained 4/0/0)
    • Scott voted +1 after the meeting had finished.

Any other business

The discussion about "Any other business" started at 20:50.

  • Next chair will be Brian Murray.


Meeting summary

  • Chair: Brian Murray
  • Present: Scott Kitterman, Iain Lane, Dimitri Ledkov, Stephane Graber

Review of previous action items

All items have been done at this time.

Per Package Uploader Application: Benjamin Kerensa

Benjamin did not make it to the meeting.

Ubuntu Core dev application: Adam Stokes

The discussion about "Ubuntu Core dev application: Adam Stokes" started at 15:26.

  • Vote: Adam Stokes for Ubuntu Coredev (Carried with 4/0/1)

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