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Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Merged: clock-setup, kbd, console-setup, lilo-installer, busybox(including fix for #293586, though that will need to be backported to intrepid), anna, finish-install, netcfg, silo-installer, yaboot-installer, grub-installer, palo-installer, parted, base-files, partman-newworld, partman-crypto, partman-ext3, partman-jfs, partman-xfs, partman-reiserfs, iso-scan (phew)
  • Some debian-installer bug review, including cleaning up very old daily-installer-* directories from the archive (#40186).
  • Followed up to upstart/util-linux #273189 with a more detailed description of work to be done (noticed during finish-install merge).
  • Investigated casper #70566 at some length by way of sponsorship processing; I have a cleaned-up version of the proposed patch in my casper working tree now, but this is likely to need more complex fixes in usplash in order to display non-ASCII characters properly,including perhaps switching to unifont.

Evan Dandrea

  • Prepared for and presented a usb-creator UbuntuOpenWeek talk (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/openweekintrepid/UsbCreator).

  • Added a warning about what operating systems will be removed when selecting the "use entire disk" option in ubiquity. Still needs to be added to the advanced page.
  • Wrote up instructions on using the Ubuntu USB disks. Still in progress as I need to verify that they do not work on Intel Macs (firmware issue) other than my aging 2006 iMac. If anyone has an Intel Mac, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in this.
  • Modified ubiquity to notify the user of what operating systems will be deleted if they choose to use the entire disk. I still need to provide proper i18n support for this.
  • Dropped the timezone setting code from casper as it's unnecessary and resets the time on every reboot in persistent mode. Looking into why update-initramfs is disabled on the Live CD, especially in persistent mode, with the hope of fixing LP: #292159.
  • Made numerous fixes to usb-creator in preparation for an SRU for Intrepid and a backport for Hardy. Merged with Mario's branch and added i18n support.

Lars Wirzenius

  • Fixes for system-cleaner's many bugs in intrepid, to prepare an SRU. (The upload has now been done, kindly sponsored by Michael Vogt.)

Matthias Klose

  • Nov 04 - Nov 07: OOo ESC meeting / OOoCon, planning report
  • Nov 11: email catch up, catchup on bug reports, openjdk 6b13 build,
    • gcc-snapshot update

Michael Vogt


  • updated for jaunty and uploaded
  • Better error reporting on upgrade calculation failures
  • SRU for evms removal (LP: #292179), needs to be added
    • for hardy->lts+1 too

  • Do not add "relatime" if "noatime" is already given
  • add release update notifications on the server via
    • update-motd


  • make apt-check a python module, refactoring the code
    • to make it cleaner, remove unneeded output, add --human-readable
  • Modify update-notifier-kde to work with the latest update-notifier
    • apt-check changes so that it can drop its own copy and just can use the one in update-notifier-common (lp:~mvo/update-notifier-kde/mvo)
  • merge update-motd support from kirkland with some modifications
  • upload version that will show the amount of upgradable packages
    • in the motd
  • create a branch for a own dist-upgrade notification icon
    • (lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/update-notifier/dist-upgrade-notifier)
  • Remove debian/rules arch-build from update-notifier and use
    • the bzr-buildpackage hooks


  • Work on apturl and add some basic (client side)
    • string substitution
  • Work on apturl and (known) channel adding support for
    • known repositories (from app-install-data-commercial)
  • Refactoring apturl for better UI speperation and cleaner
    • code - a qt frontend should be straightforward now
  • asked for security review of my changes (thanks kees!)
  • improved whitelisting and stronger checks
  • upload new apturl


  • Apt code review/merge from jackyf
  • Trying to debug a cache open problem (race between
    • synaptic/packagekit?)
  • Work on python-apt fix for ports.ubuntu.com


  • merge the jauty branch
  • remove a bunch of old patches
  • upload to jaunty


  • lots of merges, sync requests


  • gnome-terminal, metacity, dput, software-properties, command-not-found


  • bug triage
  • mail
  • Setup jaunty devel environement
  • boot beatuficaion call and research into it
    • (kernel modesetting, plymouth, ...)
  • draft uds agenda items
  • sru for app-install-data-commercial
  • research how to block shutdown during upgrades, would be
    • relatively straightforward if gdm would use hal for the shutdown, need to discuss this with seb

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • working on getting the archive ready for jaunty
  • post-release email roundup
  • change around the mythbuntu image builds from alternates to liveCDs, per Mario
  • SRU reviews


  • cleanup of PAM bugs

Archive Administration

  • partner archive cleanup


  • Monday archive duties

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