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Lightning round order

   1 from random import shuffle
   2 team = [
   3     'Keybuk',
   4     'barry',
   5     'cjwatson',
   6     'doko',
   7     'ev',
   8     'mvo',
   9     'csurbhi',
  10     ]
  11 order = team[:]
  12 shuffle(order)
  13 print ', '.join(order)



  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Farming out tasks that aren't being handled
  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • AOB
  • Next week's chair

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Chair for next meeting

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

  • short week due to holidays/illness
  • bug 627654 investigation
  • landed pep 3149 upstream
  • gtimelog update and packaging

Colin Watson

2010-08-23 - 2010-08-27

  • Backported fix for bogus warning messages from dpkg upstream (#619135).
  • GRUB 2:
    • Reverted to gfxpayload=text (#605614, #608429, #612626).
  • CD boot menu changes requested by Kubuntu team (#608746).
  • foundations-m-uefi-support:
    • New grub-rescue-efi-amd64 package (possibly temporary).
    • Ported cdrkit patch from Fedora to add -efi-boot option.
    • Added GRUB EFI configuration to debian-installer and debian-cd on amd64, making those images multi-catalog.
  • Added busybox cross-compiling support (#623392).
  • Reviewed Upstart patches from server team.
  • A few bits and pieces from foundations-m-spring-cleaning.
  • Merged: grub2, debian-installer-utils

2010-08-31 - 2010-09-03

  • Archive cleanup work for beta (openoffice.org-voikko installability, sash functionality on amd64, and lots of archive-side work).
  • Fixed Wubi, which was trying to run conditionals using GRUB's rescue parser rather than its normal parser (#600578, #617715).
  • Fixed oem-config KDE frontend crash (#627549).
  • Worked around apt-cdrom madness on writable USB sticks (#627672).
  • Did a good chunk of the release management work for beta, in consultation with Kate and Robbie.
  • foundations-m-uefi-support:
    • Stopped grub-installer asking for a boot device on UEFI.
    • Fixed partitioning code to mount the first method=efi partition on /boot/efi.
    • Still trying to get my test machine to boot a 64-bit kernel, but no luck as yet. Will wait for serial console hardware instead.
  • Suppressed verbose debugging messages in webkit (cherry-pick from Debian).
  • Merged: grub-installer, partman-efi, usb-discover (#627004)

Evan Dandrea

Matthias Klose

Michael Vogt


  • debug ssl timeout failure with donkult
  • fix missing apport report writing (thanks to mdz)
  • forward aptitude patch for FTBFS to upstream
  • merge fixes from debian-sid, upload new verison


  • lots of branch review/merges
  • aptdaemon: merge/upload new bzr snapshot
  • branch merges, fixes in "what's new", "featured" display
  • fix crash in local checkouts
  • implement the "find it at" part of the spec
  • workon/test buy-something
  • work on the addons branch, add tests, debug logic


  • review/merge and471 gtkbuildre branch
  • review/merge gtkbuilder-and-gui-polish branc


  • debug/fix crash in doPostUpgrade (#618597)
  • fix label wraping for label_downsize
  • remove the extra "demoted" dialog, move into main confirm dialog
  • use treeview for the details (in gtk)
  • fix #624894 and upload to maverick
  • work lucid->lucid-updates upgrade profile


  • App-install-data update
  • Command-not-found data update
  • Gdebi: merge debian branch/upload
  • Policykit: add session-auto-restart support for the agent
  • Travel preparing
  • Update-notifier: merge xdg patches from Sebastian Geige
  • Work with kamstrup on s-c & unity integration

Scott James Remnant

Surbhi Palande

* Investigated kernel boot up code, initramfs, udev and mdadm - to figure out the Raid Bringup

* Finding out what the requirements are to make the initramfs event based for bringing up RAID. (In the coming weeks, shall look at how this could possibly be done)

* Worked on bug 628400. Shall send a sponsorship request soon.

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