The foundations of the Hungarian Ubuntu local community were laid in December 2005, when the first version of the homepage was launched by two volunteers. It was a collaboration centric site with a wiki and a forum. People started to show up and contribute. Some members met in person in March 2006 first, while the registrations and contributions were growing steadily.

In 2006 we decided to organize a conference for users. With the help of Canonical, it was a huge success. The conference was a great opportunity to bring all the people together who wanted to contribute. The real local community was formed back then. Since then, we've been involved in a lot of things, like promoting Ubuntu at various festivals, organizing translation sprints, release parties, and other events for our local community.

Key Details


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  • Many our future projects are aimed with the thought in mind that there might be a chance that our government won’t support closed software products in education from next year on. As the statistics show, Ubuntu was the most popular among those students at the secondary school leaving exam who chose free software as their exam environment. We would like to provide help in preparation for their exams on Ubuntu, and support them in our forums.
  • We would like to continue our Open Way project in collaboration with the Free Software Foundation Hungary. Future aims include training videos about the use of Ubuntu’s Unity interface, Python training videos and written materials that could prepare students for the advanced ICT secondary school leaving exam.
  • We are going to give presentations in the free software track of the InfoÉra conference (Nov 2012), which is a conference for ICT teachers in Hungary.

  • We are going to promote Ubuntu at the Free Software Conference and Exhibition, Budapest in December 2012. Some of our activists are going to give presentations as well. One of our activists is the member of the organization team.
  • We are going to promote Ubuntu and give presentations at the Linux in Education Conference in April 2013. One of our activists is the member of the organization team and track leader.
  • We are going to update our Ubuntu version for the secondary school leaving exam based on Ubuntu 13.04.
  • We plan to revive our mentor program to increase the number of new activists in our LoCo. This was discussed on our last IRC meeting.


List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:

Facts and Statistics

  • Translation Status: Hungarian is among the fully translated languages Statistics

  • The Hungarian Ubuntu created and maintains a special version of Ubuntu called Ubuntu Érettségi Remix aimed for the use at the Hungarian ICT school leaving examination. With the help of the Foundation this version has been officially accepted by the Hungarian Office of Education. (At the first secondary school leaving exam when Ubuntu was available, all the students who opted for free software solutions chose our Ubuntu version. Therefore, we are very proud of this project.)
  • Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo main site (

    • Number of registered users as of 11th October, 2012: 26829
    • 5000 visitors a day on
  • Other sites maintained by the Hungarian Ubuntu Community:

Regular Activites


  • We released an Updated version of the Ubuntu Érettségi Remix based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Ubuntu Érettségi Remix is officially accepted by the Hungarian Office of Education as a software environment for the Hungarian ICT school leaving examination. Download

  • In collaboration with the Free Software Foundation Hungary, we started a project named Open Way (Szabad út in Hungarian). The aim of the project is to provide help for ICT teachers for the post-Microsoft era. On the project’s website, one can find training videos for LibreOffice Writer, Calc, Impress and Base. We have also collected all those free software education resources that are available under free licenses. The project’s website also tries to address the problems of school system administrators.

  • We went on a trip to the Szeged Zoo with fellow LoCo members in May 2012. Invitation, Photo Gallery

Szeged Zoo

SysAdminDay 2012

  • We organised Release Party for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS at Budapest and at Szeged: Invitation

  • The number of registered users on has surpassed 25000 in February 2012


at the UDS with Mark Shuttleworth

  • Some of our activists promoted Ubuntu and other Free Software at Hegyalja Festival (a Rock Festival in Hungary) Hegyalja Festival

  • One of our members, Kristóf Kiszel (Ulysses) gave a presentation about KDE and Kubuntu at the Software Freedom Day at Szeged. Conference site

  • Several of our members gave presentations at the InfoÉra (November 2011) and InfoSavaria (April 2011) conferences. These conferences are organized for ICT teachers. InfoÉra 2011, InfoSavaria 2011

  • We promoted Ubuntu and other Free Software at SysAdminDay in July 2011. SysAdminDay


Dinner at Szeged LoCo trip to the Szeged Zoo Hegyalja Festival Lucid Lynx Release Party at Budapest Presenting at the InfoSavaria Conference Lucid Lynx Global Jam






  • Launched the Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo homepage (December 19, 2005) based on MediaWiki and phpBB.

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