At some point during the development cycle the Release Team will begin holding weekly IRC release meetings. The Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager is required to attend this meeting as a representative on behalf of the Ubuntu Kernel Team. Responsibilities for this meeting include:

  • Attend the meeting
  • Prepare to speak on items called out in the agenda
  • Update the Kernel Team Release Status wiki page
  • Make sure the team is on track for completing assigned work items

Meeting Date/Time/Location

This meeting takes place on FreeNode in #ubuntu-meeting every Friday at 1500UTC.

Meeting Agenda Preparation

The agenda for the meeting is emailed out the night prior and is also posted to . As the Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager, be sure your email is added to the list of recipients for the agenda so that you can prepare for the meeting in advance (ie so you can cut n' paste the team's status). The meeting is organized such that each team provides a weekly status via email. The email is sent to the ubuntu-release mailing list the Thursday prior to the meeting. The email includes what was done engineering wise, what's about to land that could impact other teams, bug summary, items blocked on other teams, and any other issues. An example of the email can be seen at:

It is the responsibility of each participant to read the other team's release status emails prior to attending the Friday meeting. The Friday meeting is then reserved for discussion regarding the content provided in each email. When called upon during the meeting, paste the link to the email in the archive and be prepared for any further discussion. An example of the meeting is as follows

Taken from

[16:09] <wendar> [TOPIC] Kernel team Q&A - ogasawara
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Kernel team Q&A - ogasawara
[16:09] <ogasawara> [LINK]
[16:09] <ogasawara> I forgot to mention that now that we've rebased to v3.2 final, we'll
[16:09] <ogasawara> continue to pull in v3.2.x stable updates through Kernel Freeze.
[16:09] <ogasawara> Everything else I covered in my email.
[16:09] <ogasawara> Questions?
[16:09] <ogasawara> ..

Ubuntu Kernel Team Release Status Wiki

The Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager keeps the KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/<RELEASE> wiki page, eg. up to date on a weekly basis. This page should be a summary of the current status of the Ubuntu Kernel during the development cycle. This page should be updated prior to the weekly Release Team meeting and should reflect any items called out in the email sent to ubuntu-release.

Tracking Blueprint Work Items

The Kernel Team's Release Status wiki page has work items broken down by milestone. For example maverick-alpha-2: maverick-alpha-2

This is also represented in a graphical form, ie a burn down chart:

There also exists a burn down chart which encompasses all the work items for an entire release cycle. For example:

As the Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager, the goal is to make sure work items are on target to complete on time, ie the team is below the trend line for the burn down chart for each milestone as well as overall. If items begin to slip is it the responsibility of the Ubuntu Kernel Team Release Manager to work with the assigned party and remedy the situation either by re-targeting the work item, finding additional help to complete the work item, or POSTPONE the work item all together.

Note: The tables and graphs are generated directly from the blueprints and are updated on an hourly basis.


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