The Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager has a number of responsibilities for UDS. This includes creation and ownership of kernel specific blueprints/specs, overall team blueprint/spec management, and UDS kernel track scheduling.


The Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager is responsible for the creation and ownership of the following blueprints/specs. For information about creating a blueprint/spec, refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/BlueprintHowto .

Managing Blueprints/Specs

The Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager is also responsible for the overall management of the entire Ubuntu Kernel Team's blueprints/specs. It's a good idea to track the entire list of blueprints/specs for the team at:

The Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager will also be required to approve blueprints for the team. This is necessary in order for these blueprints to be scheduled during UDS. In order to approve blueprints, you have to be added as a member of the uds-organizers team in launchpad, ie. ping one the of the admins for the uds-organizers team.

UDS Kernel Track Scheduling

A final responsibility for the Ubuntu Kernel Release Manager is to organize the schedule for the Kernel Track at UDS, http://summit.ubuntu.com. The Ubuntu Kernel Team has adopted a service oriented approach at UDS. The first 3 days of UDS is dedicated towards interacting and siloing with other teams to understand what is needed from the kernel team during the development cycle. The last 2 days of UDS is dedicated for kernel specific items (ie blueprints/specs). Additionally, each day, a Kernel Team round table is scheduled as the first session each morning.

Session scheduling is done via the following link. See jcastro for obtaining a login and password.


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