List your keys

To list your keys on your local machine use the command:

$ gpg --list-keys

Make sure that your keys are on a public keyring

$ gpg --search-keys --keyserver <email>

Edit your .gnupg/gpg.conf files to make this key your default key

Receive the key you want to sign

I want to sign Kamal's key, Kamal hands me a piece of paper with his gpg finger print, the last 8 digits from his finger print is all you need. In order to sign Kamal's key I first need to receive his key.

$ gpg --recv-keys --keyserver XXXXXXXX

List your keys on your machine to make sure you could find this new key, just to confirm.

You can also search for someones keys on a key server using the search-keys option as follows:

$ gpg --search-keys --keyserver <email>

Sign the key

I sign kamal's key using the following command:

$ gpg --sign-key XXXXXXXX

Send the key to

After you sign the key, you need to send the signed key to so that it shows up on Kamal's list of signed keys.

$ gpg --send-keys --keyserver XXXXXXXX

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