The Kernel Team is currently rebuilding its kernel documentation. As part of this the vast majority of the information is being migrated over to the Kernel/ prefix in the wiki. As each page is migrated it should be reviewed for sanity and cleaned up, also repeated instructions should be pulled out and shared where possible. We are currently planning on leaving team related information rooted at KernelTeam.

Below is a basic list of outstanding tasks. Once an item is complete move it down to the bottom of the completed section and where appropriate include any commentary on the change. If you are picking up an item from the list then add your wiki name to th beginning. This indicates you are going to take ownership of that page and get it migrated.

You should refer to the Kernel/WikiGardening guide for guidance on style and layout for these pages. Note that this page is also a work in progress and will change as we move forward.

Outstanding Tasks

Completed Tasks

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