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= Topics =
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== Mission ==  * [[Kernel/Debugging]] -- debugging and triaging issues with the kernel
 * [[Kernel/Testing]] -- testing the kernel
 * [[Kernel/BugTriage]] -- Triaging bugs assigned to the kernel team
 * [[Kernel/Dev]] -- developing against the Ubuntu kernel

= Mission =
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== Communications == = Communications =

This set of wiki pages is primarily focused on assisting new Ubuntu Kernel developers, packagers, testers, and bug triagers.

******** WORK IN PROGRESS ********

The project to revamp the kernel pages can be found on the Kernel/WikiToDo.



The Ubuntu Kernel Team aims to provide the highest quality Linux kernel for Ubuntu and the Ubuntu family of products. The Linux Kernel is the core of Ubuntu and is the rock upon which we base all other Ubuntu technology, and is a usable, high-quality desktop & server operating system for users around the world. It strives to be the best free software development platform in existence.


Launchpad Teams

The Ubuntu Kernel Team is in Launchpad as:

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