Tues Jan 19, 2016


This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Kernel Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects the team may be working on.

If you would like to reach the kernel team. You can find us at the #ubuntu-kernel channel on FreeNode. Alternatively you can mail the Ubuntu Kernel Team mailing list at: kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com


* Kamal has released 4.2.8-ckt1 stable

* Colin uploaded kernel stress tool stress-ng 0.05.09 into Xenial.

  • It contains new features:
    • AF_ALG socket domain hash stressor
    • UDP stressor now has a UDP-Lite mode (--udp-lite option)
    • New STREAM stressor for memory bandwith and computation stressing
    • File extent FIEMAP stressor
    • File hole punching option --seek-punch for seek stressor
    • More perf tracing events with --perf option when run as root

* Since vivid is EOLing, we will be creating a lts-backport-vivid-next branch.

Devel Kernel Announcements

Our ubuntu-unstable repo remains based on the v4.4 kernel. We're still cleaning up some DKMS package before we move our official xenial kernel git repo over to track v4.4. We will then officially upload our first v4.4 based kernel to the archive for 16.04. We would like to aim for this to be available for widespread testing before the end of the month.

Stable Kernel Announcements

Current cycle: 10-Jan through 30-Jan
         08-Jan   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle
10-Jan - 16-Jan   Kernel prep week.
17-Jan - 23-Jan   Bug verification & Regression testing.
24-Jan - 30-Jan   Regression testing & Release to -updates.

Next cycle: 29-Jan through 20-Feb
         29-Jan   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle
31-Jan - 06-Feb   Kernel prep week.
07-Feb - 13-Feb   Bug verification & Regression testing.
14-Feb - 20-Feb   Regression testing & Release to -updates.

Status: CVE's

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