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Welcome to the KernelTeam reporting page. Every month this page is filled with a summary of what the team has been working on. Notes will be added here, and moved to TeamReports on the 22nd of every month.

The Report Jun-30 to Jul-7 2008



  • Uploaded -3.9 kernel to intrepid
  • Fixed up lrm-intrepid for split-module usage
  • Added remainder of modules from lum to kernel
  • Rebased against -rc9
  • Pulled in Kees's AppArmor merge

  • Uploaded grub/module-init-tools for last-good-boot usage



  • Kernel CVE work (will it never end?). I want Hardy released so the SRU backlog can get uploaded.
  • See last week (reprise): "Continuing to find and apply SRU patches to Hardy kernel packages."
  • The usual community relations on IRC and on the kernel team mailing list.
  • No time spent on wireless issues.
  • I've been messing with dchroot for the various build environments(largely because of kernel CVE builds). I have developed some scripts that will install and configure a chroot fairly quickly.
  • I've also been thinking about a distcc feature that provides a mechanism for a slave compiler machine to register with the distcc master. Static configuration for a bunch of CPUs across multiple releases is a real pain.



  • Upstream submission for LP#195009 including a quirk entry plus some minor changes to make it usable for amd64. Feedback pending.
  • Evaluation of LP#217659. Looks like a race that has been there but harmlessly ignored (with a warning) but now made critical by a bug statement. Tried to contact upstream developers. No answer, yet.
  • Evaluated replacement of the wacom driver in Hardy with an upstream version. Looks feasable if done with the other kABI changing updates. Would like to get some regression testing. Waiting for answer.
  • Better analyzis of LP#191137 looks to me as the fix for another bug introduced a race. Created a patch to propose as a possible solution. Will resubmit today and see whether this will get some attention.


  • Tuesday (Jul-1st) was a public holiday.



  • Updating Poulsbo DRM drivers in Hardy to new version and testing (LP#244886)
  • Preparing Intrepid mobile tree
  • Figure out how to maintain git tree that is rebased on top of Intrepid main tree.
  • Wimax driver and utilities packaging (incomplete)



  • Investigated changes required for BenC's idea of Last successful boot
  • Added mechanism to check if a boot was successful or not, and warn users if they are trying to boot to an un-bootable system
  • Multi sector file write added to support this, tested on ext3
  • Added dirty boot file and lightweight parser to facilitate checks for clean/dirty boots.
  • Pending: More testing on more challenging filesystems such as reiserfs

Hardy 8.04.1 ISO testing

  • Was requested to test ´╗┐Kubuntu KDE4 Alternate amd64 iso installations: entire disk with encryption. OEM setup. auto-resize. entire disk, expert. manual partitioning. (This disrupted my Grub work a little as I had to get my dell devel laptop back to a sane state after the ISO tests)


  • Followup discussions with Wubi and ntfs-3g maintainers on wubi patches, keeping tabs on Hardy and Intrepid progress.


  • Started 2 SRUs, namely 214810 and 199934
  • waiting for user feedback on PPA tests


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