Intrepid Kernel UDS Planning

Specs Carried Over From Hardy

Proposed New Specs and Work

  • ia64 and hppa fate
  • lpia might become a regular flavour instead of custom-binary
    • One of the issues discussed at the Feb/08 Lexington Sprint with lpia developers was that since lpia maintains out-of-tree patches, they are not always prepared for a kernel upload. However, lpia image creation is based on the latest kernel in the lpia archive (not always the right choice). It is possible for the uploaded kernel to be based on older lpia code then is in the lpia PPA archive because it is still undergoing development. It may make sense to decouple the lpia build cycle from the distro kernels.
  • Consider a 'debug' flavour for i386/amd64, possibly use the kernel PPA to generate the debug flavour.
    • Disable debug mechanisms in main flavours, enable in debug flavour
    • Check into using current debug image
    • default enable latencytop in the debug flavour
  • Make broken-bios kernel messages more visible to user (without being annoying)
  • ath5k help
  • fritz/fritz64/ltmodem: Look into free alternatives, check for new versions, evaluate if they even need to be in lrm anymore
  • Breaking out nvidia/fglrx into separate packages, compatible with EnvyNG
  • Fix LIRC build warnings
  • Cleanup lum drivers
  • Look at how other distros are handling alsa outside the kernel tree
  • Look into dkms for out-of-tree kernel modules (lum/lbm/lrm)
  • Tainting for non-ubuntu modules
  • Look into boot time speedups
  • Evaluate bug handling
  • Look into kerneloops.org usage (sync from Debian)

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