NOTE: This is just a place holder until the sprint takes place.

The July 2008 Sprint will take place at the Canonical Lexington Mass. office. Attendees:

  • Ben Collins (Kernel Team)
  • Pete Graner (Kernel Team)
  • Tim Gardner (Kernel Team)
  • Stefan Bader (Kernel Team)
  • Leann Ogasawara (QA Team)
  • Adilson Oliveira (FAE/SGE)


Day 1 Monday 14 June 2008

AM Session

  • Discuss the role of a stable kernel engineer & job description (pgraner)

    • Track CVEs and security issues
    • Apply backports, develop fixes, work with Linux vendor community for resolution of security issues
    • Test & Validate Security Fixes

    • Debian Packing hight desirable. (Can be taught)
    • git understanding
    • upstream kernel experience desired
    • coordinate regression testing with the Ubuntu community.
    • SRU development for Ubuntu stable releases
    • driver backporting to stable releases
    • work with QA to identify SRU candidates
    • C programming essential
    • upstream kernel or linux distro experience desired
  • Daily Kernel Builds
    • Decided on weekly. Daily builds fail to often.
    • To be handled by the stable kernel position
    • will need sync all modules i.e. lbm and friends
  • Discuss the policies regarding the current SRU practice for -updates => -security

    • will merge at every Y release this will allow us to track the stable kernel sooner for a longer period.
    • needs further discussion with rel-eng
  • Review progress of fglrx and nvidia DKMS packaging
    • Nvidia driver looks good
    • ATI/fglrx ???
  • Packaging Vanila Kernel Source
    • Reqested by QA & Support

    • Needed as a reference point/check
    • Kernel team noted that the vanilla kernel prob won't boot due to things like apparmor
    • Would cause modules to not work in many cases i.e. lrm
    • rtg's PPA is an alternative
    • Other option could be, every time we have a new rc release, rebase, build kernel.ubuntu.com, email to QA & Support. (2.6-27-rc1)

PM Session

  • Decide the fate of stable kABI https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Stable_kABI (pgraner)1 hr.

    • Decided that it would take a combination of actions to get us to where we need to be:
      1. Kernel Team will review patches and work to avoid kABI bumps where possible.
      2. Push the use of DKMS pacaking
      3. If necessary have a "security" only kernel.
    • Need more detail from Tim & Pete

Day 2 Tuesday 15 June 2008

AM Session

  • Overview of specs from UDS, defer, complete or mark as done. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/UDS/May2008

    • Updated URL above to reflect current state.
  • DKMS Packaging overview (by Ben?)
    • Video of event to follow for posting to Ubuntu Developer Channel on youtube.com

PM Session

  • Debian Packaging (Ben & Joint with server, by Kees?)

Day 3 Wednesday 16 June 2008

AM Session

  • ARM Meeting
  • Discuss a new bug policy for updating bugs from release to release (proposal from Leann)
    • With every given release, not every bug will get resolved and will be carried over to the next release. Now that the kernel package name is just "linux", bugs in a Triaged state and assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team will not always pertain to the actively developed kernel/release. The proposal is to clean up any remaining open kernel bugs after each release. By doing so this will ensure the kernel team will always have a subset of bugs assigned to them to work on that applies to the current release. It will also prevent bugs stagnating across releases. I'm proposing the following procedure:
    • After each release, wait for release+1's Alpha1 to come out before proceeding this this policy
    • Only address open bugs that are assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team and not in an In-Progres or Fix-Committed state and not going through the SRU process
    • Unassign ubuntu-kernel-team from the bug report
    • Add a note to the bug report that unfortunately this bug was not resolved during the previous release cycle. Ask reporter to test against the upcoming release and report back results and debuggging info.
    • Set status to Incomplete but ask reporter to set status back to New once it is confirmed against the latest release.
  • Feedback regarding package status pages the qa team is prototyping:
  • Possibly use/link into http://www.kerneloops.org/ either from cmdline/apport, or LP?

PM Session

  • Learn from kernel QA engineer (Leann) about best practices and processes for kernel bug triaging and isolating problems, especially some of its practices. Possible highlights, suspend/resume and sound. (requested by Adilson)
  • Hardware Enablement Proposal Review (pgraner)1 hr.

Day 4

AM Session

  • Kernel Packaging 101 (by Ben) (to be video taped)

PM Session

  • Learn how to track changes in kernel infrastructure, especially modifications to linux-ubuntu-modules (lum), linux-restricted-modules (lrm) and linux-backports-modules (requested by Adilson)

Day 5

  • One on one time with team members
  • Add hoc meeting/networking time

Sessions requested from kernel team

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