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  • our release process

  • if a fix gets merged,
    • mark bug as 'fix committed'
    • assign to whoever fixed it
    • milestone to current milestone


  • You can download this db loco_directory.db, the django admin logins:

    • Login: daker
    • Passe: ltp

Schema changes

  • if a fix needs changes to the database models, please use the bug tag schema-change

  • when writing migration scripts, make sure you use python-django-south 0.6, if necessary set up a lucid chroot (DebootstrapChroot)

  • to test migrations, test them back and forth:

    ./ migrate <app>; ./ migrate <app> zero
  • because we set the database table name in the teams models (we shouldn't have done that, but it's too late to fix it), you might have to use the following runes in migrations scripts to make them work:

    db.current_orm.models['teams'] = db.current_orm.models['']

How to fix a bug ?

Here are the steps to follow :

  • Get a copy of the main branch :
    • $ bzr branch lp:loco-team-portal fix.<bug_id>

  • Make your changes to fix that bug.
  • Once you've done, run the following commands :
    • $ bzr add
    • $ bzr commit --fixes lp:<bug_id> , then write what you have done on the text-editor.

    • $ bzr push lp:~<you-lp-id>/loco-team-portal/fix.<bug_id>

    • $ bzr launchpad-open
    • Once the browser window appears, click on "Propose for merging" and wait for someone from the LD devs to review it.

Using Virtualenv

Virtualenv will let you setup a working environment for loco-team-portal that will not conflict with your system-wide environment. This is the best way to work on LD locally if you're running something other than Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid).

  1. sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv
  2. cd {branch root}
  3. virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python2.6 .env
  4. source .env/bin/activate
  5. pip install -r requirements.txt

Hint: Run "deactivate" to leave the virtualenv

= Django Commands and Install Commands =

Sync Database(different from the make commands)

  • cd /rootProjectDirectory

    cd /loco-team-portal

    ../env/bin/python syncdb

OpenID Sync

This may take a while, a very long while. As the IRC channel has said, start this command and then

  • go take a walk
  • get a cup of coffee or tea
  • read war and peace
  • have a Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon

    cd /rootProjectDirectory

    cd /loco-team-portal

    ../env/bin/python update-openids


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